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Hundred times over it has been shown, if you want to know what people are really after just follow the money. This adage was proven once again last week in Warsaw, Poland. A hundred and thirty three governments met at the COP19 Climate Summit to discuss what to do about Global Warming. When the developed countries balked at reparation demands from Bolivia and other developing countries, a walk out ensued. Why they should be surprised at such a bold money grab is a mystery. From carbon tax credit trading schemes to market manipulation, wealth redistribution has been at the heart of the Global Warming movement from the beginning. It is no wonder that throughout Europe the green parties and the communist actively work together, their objectives are nearly one in the same.

Now as the so called science continues to suffer setbacks, the urgency to accomplish something before it all falls apart is being felt by those who have hung their futures on Global Warming alarmism. This is especially true for those coveting the wealth of developed countries and major corporations. With each passing year of stagnant temperatures the lever they are using to pry the wealth from the hands of others grows shorter. To this end, they were probably glad when the rare, but not historically unprecedented, super typhoon wreaked havoc in the Philippines.

The fact is the writing is already on the wall, warming is over and has been for some time. The sun spot activity is entering a phase of dormancy not seen since the Little Ice Age. A omen of cooler times ahead if there ever was one. The irony is if the alarmist are right, then increased CO2 emissions would be all that stands in the way of an economic and climatic calamity if global cooling starts in earnest. Unfortunately there is little reason to believe such to be the case.

Not once have the alarmist been able to create a climate computer model that successfully predicts global temperatures. Given such a track record any prediction of a coming climatic cataclysm by the alarmist crowd has to be taken with substantial amounts of salt. History has got to be the guide on this one and the tale it tells is not one the alarmist wish to be heard. By all accounts the climate has changed frequently over the millenia with today’s temperatures being neither extraordinarily hot nor exceptionally cold. Meteorologists, people who study weather patterns for a living, have long held the alarmists in contempt. A recent survey shows the vast majority have failed to bite on the Global Warming alarmist apple. A statistic not unrelated to the fact that unlike climate scientist, they do not make a living as paid shrills for the highest bidder.

Today the years of climatic exaggerations and false statements are coming home to roost. Those that for so long have been declaring the end of civilization if man does not stop his fossil fuel burning ways are looking sillier as time moves on. Despite there wild claims, the seas are not rising, the polar bears are not going extinct and, most importantly, the temperatures have not been climbing. That is not to say there are not concerns, but those concerns revolve around pollutants from poorly burnt fuels; not CO2 which is a byproduct of efficient combustion. Neither are they problems related to global warming.

The truth is the so called science of Global Warming is nothing more than a scheme. A scheme to lighten the pockets of the haves and give it to those who rather not earned it themselves. It is uncertain if such was always true. In the 1970’s global cooling was the threat scientist were worried about. For certain those who were losing sleep over the next ice age were sincere in their beliefs, as were likely those who started the clamor over Global Warming. Unfortunately Global Warming also coincided with environmentalist desire to curb the use of fossil fuels and socialist elites desire to redistribute the world’s wealth.  A conspiring collusion of interest that created the alarmism and hysteria the world knows as Global Warming. A global social alliance that is just now being undone by its own failures.

“Global Warming provides a marvelous excuse for global socialism” Margaret Thatcher

“The Conservative Mind”

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