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The President’s poll numbers have fallen to their lowest since he became President but that might be the least of his worries. The backdrop to his falling approval ratings is more serious increase in those who are questioning his character, his motives and his competence.

When he was elected many cited his lack of experience and radical associations as reasons he did not deserve to be president. He nonetheless gathered substantial amounts of passionate supporters both domestically and internationally. This is not to insinuate all was harmonious, from the start his strategy was to be as politically divisive as possible. The strategy of divide and demonize seemed to serve him well though as it did get him a second term as president. Now barely a year into his second term, things are looking radically different for the America’s first president of color.

The cracks in the Barack Obama fairy tale started last summer when a series of still swirling scandals started to chip away at his well groomed persona.  It was revealed that the IRS was targeting Conservative groups as a matter of policy. Even more disturbing but less investigated, there were leaks involving personal tax records of Republican politicians and their supporters. His HHS secretary was caught red handed seeking money from those she has oversight over. Then there is Benghazi. An event that includes dead Americans, lies and a coverup for which no real answers seem to be forth coming. Even more unbelievable is the fact that the administration looks to be intentionally avoiding bringing those responsible to justice. None of this made enough of an impact to prevent him from winning re-election but they would prove to be omens of things to come.

As it is turning out, President Obama’s triumphal re-election was probably his last hurrah. Internationally, the NSA spying scandal and his bloody Middle East diplomatic failures have combined to make him one of the world’s most reviled U.S. presidents in history. The word incompetent was much bandied about by the international press as Putin made Obama look like a fool in front of the world.

Domestically the revelations that the President lied and lied repetitively about ObamaCare are taking their toll on the man who vowed to fundamentally transform America. Knowing full well the law would force people off insurance plans they liked, he repeatedly said it wasn’t so. “If you like your insurance you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep him” was the mantra at speech after speech. A mantra repeated even though the law was specifically designed to make sure that would not happen. It has even been revealed he knew the website was not ready but refused to postpone the law’s implementation, it seems getting it interwoven into American society as quickly as possible was more important than people’s welfare, or the truth.

Of all the scandals, lies and questions of competence being leveled at the President, there is one that is not yet being given much attention. It was charged by this site and others that the October Surprise drop in unemployment just before the election was not credible. Many major business leaders and economist showed incredulous disbelief as well. The press for its part took the numbers at face value and even chided those who dared question the neutrality of government statistics.  Now it is coming to light that the census bureau, upon whose data the unemployment figures are based, has been cooking the numbers for some time. Tweaking and adjusting them in order to help their boss get ahead.

How could all of this have happened? The answer is simple, the American press has continually covered for President Obama’s failures. Something that is all the more remarkable since they too have been attacked and intimidated by this president and his Justice Department. For them common ideology trumps everything including ethics.

Truthfully, the IRS scandal has only reached as high as one of his Presidential appointees, but can there be little doubt where the real blame lies? The President also sent an ambassador to lie for him about a tragedy that left another ambassador dead. Nor, is it in question that he repetitively and knowingly lied to American people. How can such a man be considered honorable or even be trusted? Add to this he likely won re-election partially based on falsified data, even his election has a cloud of illegitimacy around it.

The truth is, Obama’s presidency has been a tragedy for all concerned. A long nightmare that most of the American people are just waking up to. Disrespected abroad and distrusted at home, his fall is likely far from over. As bad as his poll numbers are, they represent an electorate that is still only vaguely aware of all the issues and problems surrounding him. That will change if one of the scandals surrounding him can be shown to have originated in the White House. Such an event will signal the end of  the Obama Presidency, whether or not he continues to be in office.

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