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There was a time in American history when giving to charities was expected but receiving charity was something to be ashamed of. It was mentality born of American’s spirit of independence melded together with the faith of Christian renegades. Without it the American Republic would not of been born nor survived to see so many days.

Today a cancer envelopes the land and feeds on its very creed. Dependency and Freedom are concepts foreign to one another, polar opposites incapable of existing inside the same body or even the same country. As one grows stronger the other grows weak.

The sin of sloth the Puritans called it, the desire to get what one wants and needs from the backs of others. What they failed to see is it makes a slave of those who embrace it as much as it bleeds the economic life out of others. As much as a child is dependent on her parents or a slave on his master, the dependent becomes servant to the giver.

The founding fathers understood this concept and warned fervently against it, at least the overwhelming lot of them. Thomas Paine would be twisted into wretched man by embracing the concept that men are better off being taken care of by the state. His legacy has never left the land he helped bear and it now threatens to consume it.

In many ways it was almost inevitable. The only thing holding back the people from embracing the dependency mentality was a strong sense of independence and self-reliance. An idea whose roots went back to the strange combination of religious renegades and various rogues that made up the colonies that became a country. The erosion of one and the taming of the other has left an open wound through which the poison of redistribution has entered.

The Great Depression provided the cover for the introduction of state dependency to the nation. As welfare replaced independently run charities and state social programs became rights the stage was set. The Great Society programs of President Johnson in the 1960’s expanded on what FDR had started. For Johnson the idea was simple, to expand the power of the Democratic Party by re-enslaving the Negro race. Upon the event of signing the Civil Rights Act he was quoted as saying “I’lll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.“* He quickly expanded Welfare and sent recruiters into black communities to sign people up. It was right, their right, was the mantra as a century of black pride and progress was plowed under.

George Washington said “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” To that end, American government was designed never to become the master of those it was meant to serve. The current entitlement mentality is changing that. Dependency whether on drugs or government handouts, makes a man slave to the pusher. As the Land of Free turns into the land of the freebies few seem to recognize as one increases the other must give way. As government run healthcare expands Americans will soon find that the government will hold the very power of life and death over their heads. A transformation that is a culmination of decades of an effort to exchange servant for master.

“The Conservative Mind”

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