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The Obama administration has been remarkable for many things including the extent it will go to protect its own. One of the President’s achievements, if it can be called such, is that he has not ever asked an inner circle chum or cabinet member to resign. Some have left, but only for greener pastures. In fact that loyalty extends to Department heads and even career public servants as well. Even the IRS agents who broke the law targeting political groups and releasing confidential records have escaped the hatchet. It seems that if you are on Obama’s side, it does not matter what you do, the President will protect you.

The man who has seen fit to never fire one of his intellectual soul mates, no matter their level of incompetence, has had no trouble taking decisive actions against those with whom he does not see eye to eye. No level of competence, or even extraordinarily service, can save those whose politics and ideology do not pass the administration’s ideological smell test. This has been especially true for those who fill the ranks of the nation’s military. The President has been purging the ranks of the military hierarchy since taking office. While removals of Generals by a president are not unheard of, the numbers President Obama is racking up are more in line with third world military juntas or crack pot dictators than the world’s leading military power.

The goal it seems is to change the culture of the military. The reason, it can be assumed, is the fact that officers and enlisted men tend to be largely conservative politically. Over the past few elections Democrats have tried to suppress the votes of the military for just this reason. If the military culture could be changed then it opens up whole new possibilities for leftist Democrats, some of which are too chilling to contemplate.

The numbers are truly startling, approximately 135 senior officers are gone. A number that represents some of the cream of America’s finest and the loss of a significant amount of military know how. Something no Commander in Chief worried amount combat effectiveness would entertain lightly. For the President it seems having the American armed forces be good as possible is of secondary concern if it ranks at all. The main objective is to have a force that aligns with his world view.

The recent gay ceremony at the West Point Chapel and the inclusion of women in combat are some the most high profile changes people have seen under Obama. Others like the attempts to mark evangelicals and Catholics as possible dangerous extremist and the revelation that Army is telling its white Christian soldiers to be wary of their inherent privilege have gone under the radar. Today the word bandied about is not readiness but inclusiveness (unless apparently you are Caucasian heterosexual Christian male). Staffing priorities are being based on social integration even to the point of sacrificing combat effectiveness or unit cohesiveness. Under such duress it is no wonder that Obama has needed to get rid of those who refused to tow his liberal line.

The recent brow beating of the military for sexual assaults is also part of his handiwork. While sexual assaults anywhere are intolerable, especially in a military environment, the public chastisement would lead to the impression that the Armed Services are out of control. The fact is for its age demographic, it is no worse than the general populace or college campus. Worthy of attention, but not the kind and to the extent it has received. The real goal is to Degrade and embarrass the services into allowing civilian control of internal operations. All part of a plan to create a liberalized military establishment.

No stone is left unturned in the President’s attempt to rework the military in his image. The extent of Barack Obama’s interest in reshaping the military culture included even its uniforms.  His “suggestion” that the Marines, the branch most resistant to the administrations agenda, change the dress uniform by exchanging its traditional headwear for something more unisex in nature fell flat. The suggestion, and the fact the man in charge of the nation’s Armed Forces saw fit to get involved in such a trivial matter, goes to the heart of how important this is to Barack Obama. It also shows to what extent he will go to transform the greatest fighting force in history into his personal social experiment.

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