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liberalSeveral polls over the years have been taken comparing how informed the audiences of various talk and news programs are. In poll after poll the most informed and often most educated audiences have belonged to conservative talk radio. Despite this, the liberal media consistently degrades talk radio listeners as uninformed. A case of the pot calling the china black, this is because audiences who listen solely to the Main Stream Media outlets are consistently some of the least informed. Near the bottom of the barrel are loyal followers of the far left MSNBC, who continue to rank as some least informed of any news outlet. None of this fits into the liberal media’s narrative, so they tend to just ignore it.

A recent study by a Yale professor is a case in point. Dan Kahan set up a study to find out how scientifically literate Tea Party members were. His assumption was that they were backward thinking hicks whose knowledge of science would be lacking to say the least. What he found was not only were they scientifically literate but the tested out to be one of the most scientifically knowledgeable groups he had ever tested. The self-labeled liberal professor was astonished by his results. He shouldn’t of been, the NYT had previously published a study that showed that Tea Party members were for the most part better educated and had higher incomes than the average American.

The real story is not that conservative activist are well informed or even better informed than their liberal counterparts, it is the fact liberals continue to pretend the opposite is true. A study, often quoted on this site, by another liberal professor makes the point. Jonathan Haidt, of the University of Virginia, asked self professed liberals and conservatives to imitate the other when answering questions. The professor found that conservatives could give convincing presentations from the liberal perspective but liberals could not do the same from a conservative one. In fact, liberals not only failed at being able to answer questions from a conservative perspective, they often got angry when they tried.

Whether socialist, communists or liberal, the modern left is incapable of seeing beyond their own prejudices. Similarly, the anger that revealed itself in Haidt’s study is often exhibited by left leaning politicians and media types when they are dealing with conservatives. A good example is the vitriol that spewed from liberal mouths during the last budget debate. When they are unable to comprehend that which does not fit inside their small world view, they strike out in anger. A response that is not so different than that of a child frustrated with task he is unable to master.

The truth is there is nothing more closed minded than an open minded liberal. Not only are most liberal minds totally closed off to the thoughts of conservatives, they often seem permanently so. It is the rare liberal who truly is able to understand those with whom he disagrees.

Liberals often show themselves to be the specter they imagine they see in others. Men and women with small closed minds who rarely let reality get in the way of their goals. Existing inside a bubble of reason that is purposely devoid of the influence of experience, they attempt to mold the world with a naivete of child setting out cookies for Santa Claus. Nothing seems to shake their faith, even their worst failures are rarely seen as moments for introspection. Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman described them as wanting to be judged by their good intentions and not their results. Maybe it would be more accurate to describe them as not wanting to be judged at all.

It is also true, the liberal mind that so often attributes the worst of motives to their opponents, is capable of a callousness towards human life that defies description. When President Obama declared maybe it would be better for Grandma to be given a pill and sent home rather than receive treatment, he was speaking from the heart. When DDT was banned with little research to justify doing so, the millions who were die as a result were not given a second thought. At one point even genetically modified food was banned from being fed to starving children. In the hearts of others they imagine all kinds of evil grows, but they negate the darkness that slowly envelopes their souls. It is perhaps by no sheer coincidence that every great incarnation of evil of the modern age has had at its core, a twist of liberal ideology.

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