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Few times in history has a politician seen such a grand reversal of fortunes as President Obama. Lauded as a messiah and called “The One” by Oprah, he got a Noble Prize just for being elected. His accolades spread across the globe with crowds in Berlin only out done by those that met him in Cairo. While not universal by a long shot, he was the most globally loved President since JFK. He promised hope and change to a war weary public and to fundamentally transform America.

The man’s radical associations and lack of experience did not seem to matter, especially to an adoring press. NBC’s Chris Mathews ecstatically proclaimed he had tingles going up and down his leg when Barack Obama won his first election. Today those days are long gone.

The man who once packed Brandenburg Square could only manage to attract a few curious on lookers on his last trip to Berlin, today he would likely draw only protestors enraged with his policies. Internationally, is he is fast on his way to becoming the most hated president in world history, and may already be there. If America needed a coalition of the willing today it is unlikely the President could manage to get more than a couple third world stragglers, if that.

As bad as it is internationally, it is even worse at home. Obama is arguably the most scandal plagued president in U.S. history. A statement that is not based in partisan rancor but sheer volume. The current problems with the ObamaCare website are something the administration should be grateful for, as it is distracting Americans somewhat from the more unsightly issues coming to light. Even the press is having a hard time covering for President Obama and some seem to be tiring of doing so.

While the IRS, NSA and Benghazi scandals created a firestorm that the administration has never fully contained, they are proving to have been merely the first round of catastrophes for the man of hope and change. The roll out of ObamaCare in particular has exposed lies and brought up questions for which there are no good answers.

First it was thousands, than hundreds of thousands and now millions of people are losing their insurance plans and access to their primary care doctors. Something President Obama clearly stated would not happen. Soon the rest of America will face the same fate. Forced to choose between keeping existing coverage and losing their employer tax breaks, or dumping people onto Obama’s healthcare exchanges, small to medium sized businesses have little choice. The rest of America will likely soon follow suit as big businesses are forced to do the same. This was of course all known from the start, the president’s promises were merely a snow job; a conspiracy of lies meant to calm the fears of the soon to be sacrificed.

Then of course, there is the cost of the insurance. In almost every state, all but the aged, sick and poor are being forced onto higher cost, higher deductible insurance plans. Increases that come on top of those already incorporated into the system over the last two years in anticipation of PPACA. Something that represents another broken promise, a promise of lower rates for improved coverage. A claim that was so laughable that it is surprising the President could keep a straight face as he made it. Not surprising, this is forcing the young who are needed to pay for program to forgo insurance altogether. A harbinger of ObamCare’s looming financial collapse if the trend continues.

While the never ending problems with the so called Affordable Care Act keep piling up, so do even more serious problems for the Obama administration. The contract to build the website was granted, without even going out to bid, to a company in which Michelle Obama’s old chum is senior vice president. Many of President Obama’s top campaign bundlers (those people who work to gather contributions for a political campaign and then presents them to the candidate) were rewarded in the form of tax payer funded commissions, contracts and  jobs. Something the administration was called on in 2011 by the Center for Public Integrity. The National Center for Public Policy Research on Thursday charged the administration with corruption for its coercive fundraising tactics. The GAO is investigating HHS and Secretary Sebelius for extorting funds from the insurance companies she regulates, a crime for which she could and should be charged. Then there is the allegations of arm twisting and threats against insurance companies to prevent them from speaking out against the Affordable Care Act. None of this is new, Judicial Watch chastised the White House two years ago for multimillion dollar contracts to Democratic and Bundler connected firms for what it called an “ObamaCare propaganda campaign.”

The shear number of scandals makes them hard to keep up with. It is overload to the point that there is no way for congress to completely investigate them all. The IRS intimidation scandal still has not been fully uncovered nor does the public really know the whole truth about Benghazi. The NSA revelations have become an international embarrassment and a foreign relations nightmare. The new scandals may be adding fuel to the fire but they are also too much for most people to follow.

Michelle Malkin wrote a book in 2009 called the Culture of Corruption that attacked the cronyism of President Obama early in his first term. Relegated by the press as a partisan attack, it has proven to be prophetic. President’s often have scandals that hang over them, Reagan had Iran Contra, Clinton Lewinsky, and Bush Iraq and the weapons of Mass Destruction debacle. The commonality is that the scandals were few in number, to have two or even three serious ones is rare. When it comes to just sheer numbers President Obama is in a class by himself; an historic fall for a historic president.

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