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As the news is filled with the unfolding disaster of ObamaCare, another one is being pretty much ignored. The jobs report was release last week; the media response was to let out a collective yawn and go on to other things. True to form, the report was disappointing and the statistics behind the numbers ignored. What has become the great economic malaise just seems to go on forever. A period where avoiding catastrophe is considered a small victory. What is missing from the conversation is tragedy behind the numbers. The human impact is being given less attention than the sports scores on the evening news.

The liberal media often repeats the mantra “minorities and women hardest hit” whenever a downturn happens under a Republican president. In truth, such a statement does have a ring of truth to it, the fact is during economic downturns those with the weakest connection to the workforce usually do get hit the hardest. A group women and minorities tend to dominate. Of course this is true of all economic downturns regardless of who is in power. Usually one can expect that when things improve the lot for women and minorities would as well.

John F. Kennedy famously said a “rising tide lifts all boats.” He was referring to economic recovery plan that centered on lowering tax rates. While his adage is usually held true, it seemingly does not apply to today’s economic “recovery.” In the present situation the tide seems to raising some boats while others are continuing to sink. In this case, the boats having the hardest time recovering from the economic storm are own by the people it hurt the most.

Women have fallen behind during the so called recovery. Even when hiring rose for them during the summer it was a mixed bag. This was because nearly all the jobs gained by the fairer sex were part time menial service jobs. Others were driven into part time status, losing both income and insurance coverage. Human sacrifices on the altar of ObamaCare.

The fact is, poverty under the so called recovery has increased and women and minorities have been indeed hit the hardest. In September 154,000 women lost their jobs and another 268,000 dropped out of the workforce. As if to insult to injury, the Bureau of Labor Statistics marked that as a reason to lower the female unemployment rate.

Blacks as demographic group supported President Obama overwhelmingly, as a thanks they have seen head of household incomes drop 11%. Not surprising this fact has not been the lead story of any major media source. Nor has the fact that employment among black women increased a measly 44,000 over the past year been given much thought.

In reality, no one is really doing better during the Obama Recovery, especially women and minorities. Where real income and employment increased dramatically for all groups, but especially minorities and women, under the Reagan recovery, they have fallen under Obama. Real wages have fallen for every one during the present “recovery” but as liberals say, *minorities and women have been hardest hit.” Single mother’s have seen income drop by 7% since the recovery began, women under 25 nearly 10%. The national average income has dropped about 4.4% according to Sentier.

The present situation is aberration of historical proportions, at no time in the history of the U.S. have incomes dropped, poverty increased while the percent of people employed gone down during a so called recovery. These are all stats associated with recessions or even depressions but not recoveries.

In the fall of 2004 the media was abuzz with comparisons of the Bush economy and the Great Depression. Of course the economy was humming and the comparisons nonsense. Today all the economic data with the exception of a marginally drop in the unemployment rate and the minimal increase in GDP, are more in line with a recession than a recovery; still the media is mute on how bad things are.

There seems to be a effort to hide the miserable state of the American economy. Even those being hurt the most seem unaware of whose to blame for their misery. Part of the reason is the media and its concerted effort to cover for the President’s incompetence. Another is the fact the current administration has been pacifying those it hurts with increased welfare, subsidized insurance, Obama phones and platitudes; something akin to offering painkillers to someone you just shot.

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