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SS OBAMACAREAs ObamaCare starts to unravel the promises President Obama once made are becoming hard to ignore. For certain, the promise that “if you like your doctor you can keep him” is ringing in the ears of many seniors. As an offshoot of the President stealing funds from MediCare (Insurance for senior citizens) to fund ObamaCare, many doctors are being cut from the MediCare program. This does not even count the doctors who have voluntarily quit taking MediCare because it no longer pays enough to cover costs. This is leaving many seniors high and dry with no choice but to shop for a doctor from the shrinking pool of physicians willing to take what the government is willing to pay. Seniors are of course not the only ones losing access to the doctor they have learned to know and trust. Millions of Americans are being shoved off their old policies into programs their doctor does not participate in. Of course, being able to keep ones doctor is just one of many lies told to the American people.

President Obama, similar to the promise he made about being able to keep your doctor, promised “if you like your health plan you can keep it.” Given the major changes he had in mind from the start, he had to have known this was not true. The fact is very few, if anybody, had a plan that conformed to the mandates in ObamaCare regarding coverage. The result is hundreds of thousands are finding out every day they no longer have the insurance they once had, if they have insurance at all. For these people the only choice is to go onto exchanges and find coverage to replace what they had before. A daunting task given the websites do not work, and even when they do the information they supply is usually erroneous. For the lucky few that are able to choose a new plan they are often faced with huge increases in both premiums and deductibles.

The cost associated with the healthcare system is also part of the web of delusion (or deceit) that envelopes the current debate. All of the financial miracles that the system was supposed to have wrought have succumbed to reality. The President promised that he could reduce premiums while increasing coverage, a farcical claim that many found beyond belief. True to form, the naysayers were proven right. Insurance rates are rising and have been since the law was passed. For those under thirty and those with families, the cost has skyrocketed along with the deductible they need to pay out of their own pockets.

Yet another lie the President often repeated when the atrocious care act passed was that it would reduce the deficit. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates, using current trends as a guide, that ObamaCare will add 6.2 trillion to the deficit, over the next 75 years, and estimate that is likely to turn out to be extremely conservative.

In the end the lies used to gain support for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObsmaCare), while hugely important, are not the programs Achilles heel. There is a cancer at its core that could prove to be terminal. The people signing up for the program are not the young healthy people the administration wants to squeeze for the money needed to pay for the program; the main people jumping on the ObamaCare bandwagon are instead Medicaid freeloaders. (Medicaid is the free insurance for those in poverty) In Colorado for example, the number of free Medicaid registrants is 25,000 compared to only 226 paying customers. At this rate the House of Representatives efforts to defund the program might be mute. It is looking increasingly likely that without a large infusion of cash from tax wary Americans the system might go broke on its own.

Unfortunately, every silver lining has cloud hanging over it when it comes to the ‘un’ Affordable Care Act. The insurance being offered on the ObamaCare exchanges is being supplemented by not for profit co-ops, co-ops that have been created using 3 billion dollars in low interest government loans. As the system shudders and convulses towards an untimely death, the tax payer is likely going to be on the hook for a good portion of that. President Obama’s office itself expected about a third of the loans will never be paid back, and that is if everything goes right! Even if the system somehow survives the outlook for the healthcare co-ops is grim, as the Washington Post reports, they are already on the verge of collapse.

If ObamaCare was a commercial product there would be calls for arrests and lawsuits for false advertising would be piling up on its door. While the failure of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may not totally be written in stone yet, a chisel and hammer are in hand. The Democrats are hoping that if an epitaph is written it will say,  “They Meant Well.”

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