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The strategy seemed plausible and the cause was noble. What was missing was players who knew how to play the game. A budget battle and the debt ceiling fight coming in succession was a custom made opportunity for a minority party wishing change. In this case, the change being wished for was the removal of a blight from the American people.

The first salvo was launched by Senator Cruz, a grand opening for a play about to be acted out on the congressional and even world stage. The problem was, while it made grand theater most of America was not watching. Instead of hearing their senators or representatives tic off the reasons ObamaCare needed to be scraped, or majorly changed, they were listening to the media saying something totally different. In essence, the Republicans were playing in a mostly empty theater while Democrats were singing in front of a packed house.

The mistake of the Republican strategy was not that it was undertaken, but that it was incomplete. They forgot their real audience needed to be the low information voters, that great unwashed middle of American politics. People who rarely watch the news longer than is needed to know the weather or sport’s scores. What little they learn about world events comes from the Main Stream Media outlets or from those that watch them. Grandiose speeches from the Senate floor, no matter how inspiring, never reach their ears.

It is unfortunate, but in the arena of ideas the Democrats have nearly a monopoly on reaching middle ground voters. The Media outlets of NBC, ABC and CBS are dedicated to upholding the liberal viewpoint and have become talking heads of the Democratic Party. Of the 82 stories done on the shutdown, none blamed the Democrats or President Obama. This despite the fact they were the only onesrefusing to negotiate. Similarly the ratio of stories of those affected by the slimdown to those affected by ObamaCare was running 100-1. If seems not quite fair it isn’t, nor should one expect the major networks to be fair. The sad truth is, the days of having an unbiased or at least an even handed media are long gone.

Of course all of this is not new, conservatives have long known the Main Steam Media is not on their side. This makes all the more disconcerting that they did not have a strategy to overcome it. Without a plan to circumvent the media the initiative was doomed form the start. Truth be told, the Republicans had a great story to tell. One that painted the Democrats as uncaring and out of touch elitist. They had facts on their side and could show the President to be the liar he is. Millions losing health coverage, an unprecedented 96% of new jobs part-time, millions more losing their jobs not to mention health coverage cost skyrocketing. In fact, every promise given by the President about ObamaCare has been shown to be untrue. Never has an opposition party had so much ammo against the opposition and not even been able to even get it out of the barrel.

An advertising blitz, a coordinated facebook and twitter campaign, strutting out victims for all to see; this and a whole lot more needed to be part of such an ambitious effort. Instead they gave the world speeches no one heard and infighting everyone saw.

The tragedy is that change is needed and the American people are suffering. The Republican effort, no matter how valiant, did not change that. If anything, the shutdown added to the misery by giving the President the opportunity to needlessly harm thousands. His move to shutdown monuments and parks that had never been closed in 17 previous shutdowns was the actions of a small petty man. The Democrats laughed as long planned vacations and weddings were ruined and the Republicans were blamed. Callous, cold blooded and calculating all describe the actions of the liberals and their media compatriots. As the American people suffer they celebrate, as the millions lose their heath insurance they seem to almost bubble with delight. The collapse of businesses, skyrocketing insurance rates and the expansion of poverty seems to them but a small price to pay for progress, at least how they define the term.

The hope now is that ObamaCare will collapse of its own accord when the pain it is causing reaches a point that the public can no longer tolerate it. Maybe then Americans will realize who is to blame and who their tormentors are. Although some solace might be found in such thoughts, the cold truth is, there has already been way too much unnecessary suffering.

“The Conservative Mind”

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