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A revolution is rumbling through American; the winds of change seem to be carrying a new scent on the air. For years the political parties have been blending and the country moving to the left. The result has been unsustainable debt, a economy in crisis and country adrift. The very principals the nation was founded have appeared to be on the verge of being lost forever. What America has been needing is a revival of its soul and spirit; a revival that might be starting to take root. People all over the country are reconnecting with the principals the country was founded on.

American politics for years has been becoming like an Impressionist painting, where individuals blend into the background with no real way to differentiate one from the next. The result has been that the Average American voter has been becoming ever more disenchanted with politics and the political parties. The biggest voting bloc has increasingly become the stay at home voter. The main reasons they point to is that the see both parties and their politicians as the same. While it is true third and forth parties exist they are totally incapable of facing the major party machines. The politicians for their part have been dancing together in blended world of compromised ethics and principals.

The U.S. electorate yearns for someone to believe in. A person of principal who stands out from the crowd and speaks with a clear voice. One of the reasons President Obama got elected was he stood out and not just because of his color (but it of course did not hurt). He acted as though he believed in something and had a vision to go with it. For many his garbled message of hope and change was enough to gained their support. Of course it was all just a cloak he used to hide his far left ideology and inexperience, but it worked. He was able to energize the youth and the black vote like no one since JFK. Even so, he left millions feeling cold. His sound bite campaign was seen by most as the shallow hissing of man refusing to show the world who he really was. Despite what his supporters say, his election had more to do with who stayed home than who got out to vote. The result has been eight years of a cancerous Obama presidency.

If President Obama’s election has had any positive effect it has been the re-energizing of Americans for whom the Constitution is not just a piece of paper. They showed their spirit in the throngs of people who showed up to cheer Sarah Palin, they grew and formed the Tea Party movement, and have worked to throw out many pastel politicians for those who stood for something. The result is an increasing number of bold color congressman who are upsetting the Washington establishment,

The new breed of congressman are often referred to as Tea Party Republicans, people whose election has upset the status-quo to no end. They alone are responsible for forcing government to deal with the issue of the burgeoning debt. They have also refused to stay quiet when presidential power was abused and lies are told. Sometimes abrasive, often contrary to the leadership, but consistent in their values they have shown character in a legislative body that has lacked it for a long time.

Senator Ted Cruz’s long winded marathon against the abomination that is ObamaCare was just the latest example. A freshmen senator that under the old paradigm would of been directed by the party leadership as to what to do and how to vote. He has instead blazed his own path; a leader by his own hand instead of by default. Like Rand Paul’s filibuster of the use of drones inside the U.S., Cruz’s struck a cord. By all accounts the phones of establishment politicians were ringing off the hook in support of Cruz. In fact some senators reportedly just unplugged their phones to prevent the unending calls from getting through.

What Cruz, Paul and others are showing is there is room for politicians that seem to stand for something besides themselves. Men and women of the people whose message is anything but populous garbage. If the U.S. is going to be saved it will take a lot more of them. Hopefully they are a sign of things to come, more bold colors in a world of pale pastels.

“The Conservative Mind”

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