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Twenty-five years ago the Toronto Climate Conference made international headlines. It announced the world was facing impending doom and without international intervention the earth’s climate was about to go through a dramatic change. The answer it they said  was to dramatically reduce the burning of fossil fuels and move to a more “earth friendly” source of energy.

It seemed like everyone was on board with the global warming agenda. Lady Margaret Thatcher endorsed its findings as did socialist leaders. Communist saw in the new report a new way to leverage their agenda as well. Across Europe communist and environmentalist joined forces to call for more government control of energy supplies. Of course national efforts were not enough, the conference had declared this had to be an international effort. It was global problem that needed global solutions. The Kyoto protocol was introduced and carbon tax schemes were promoted. Those that questioned the science or worried about the economic impact were called deniers, as evil as neo-NAZIs who refused to accept the holocaust.

It was not just political forces lining up to address global warming, but schools and Hollywood were enlisted as well. High School textbooks were quick to integrate global warming into the curriculum and Al Gore’s documentary on the subject won an Oscar. Children were taught polar bears would soon be extinct, ice caps would melt and flood their cities and super storms would kill millions. Questioning of the alarmist and their motives was akin to sacrilege in a world gone Global Warming mad.

The real “inconvenient truth” was that there were cracks in the global warming theory from the beginning. The models used to predict an unprecedented rise in temperature were designed to put out but one conclusion. Past fluctuations in temperature were flattened out on graphs as if they had never actually happened. Al Gore’s “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth was filled with errors that were ignored. Even polar bears, the global warming movement’s poster child, were not facing extinction but instead were in the midst of a population explosion.

(Read about Climategate I & II, the ongoing attempt to manipulate the public)

Now twenty-five years later not one prediction has been anywhere close to accurate. Not only that, but for the last fifteen years the earth has neither warmed nor cooled. A new study shows what many have known all along, CO2 is such a weak greenhouse gas its impact on global temperatures is negligible; background noise of no more consequence than a cell phone at a heavy metal concert.

This of course does not mean the global warming crowd is going away. Too many scientists have careers invested in the phony science to give up that easily. Neither will political forces who pinned their hopes for control of the world’s energy supplies on Global Warming be deterred so easily. Draconian measures, like Obama’s new push to strangle the coal industry out of existence, will likely continue for some time. Carbon taxes and trading schemes are also not going away anytime soon. Just the same, the cracks in the false science of Global Warming are widening.

Just like Eugenics was all the rage at the turn of the twentieth century only to be dumped into history’s trash bin, Global Warming is more than likely headed towards the same fate. The tide of support for greenhouse gas restrictions as well as the numbers of believers in man made global warming is ebbing. The alarmist have cried wolf for far too long to be taken seriously anymore; at least by thinking individuals not blinded by ideology. As the Arctic ice cap returns to its former glory and the Antarctic ice cover continues to expand the alarmist are being revealed for what they are; nothing more than Charlatans and snake oil salesman using pseudoscience and magic incantations to advance an agenda for their own ends.

“The Conservative Mind”

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