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Obama a clown or a joker

After years of leading from behind and seeking confirmation in the eyes of the world, President Obama finds himself alone. A man with few friends and an abundance of enemies, his is messiah story gone wrong. Met with hosannas and a Nobel Peace Prize upon his entrance onto the world stage he recently found himself alone in his hour of need. This is not to say the President should be the receiver of pity, for truth be told the present situation is of his own making.

Each step, or more appropriately misstep, of Barack Obama’s presidency has been a perfectly choreographed Greek Tragedy. Put in the spotlight by self-serving party leaders long before he was ready (although it is somewhat doubtful he would of ever been) Barack stumbled around almost from the get go. Lost in a fog of misconceptions and an inflexible ideology he has never fully grasped the world around him. To make up for his shortcomings he sought the council of world leaders whom he has rightfully perceived to be wiser than he. Unfortunately the president of the United States is also by default the leader of the free world. Abdicating the position to others does not make the inherent responsibilities go away.

The result of President Obama’s lack of leadership, as well his incoherent foreign policy, has been burgeoning chaos in the world. Just as significant he has lost the trust of America’s allies and the respect of her foes. The combination has proven to be devastating. Embolden enemies have seized the opportunity to push their own agendas and the Middle East has become region wide war zone. It is of little surprise that President Obama found himself alone in facing the Syrian situation.

The sad part is Syria really does matter. Unlike Libya which is nothing more than a global backwater, Syria is one of the twin towers of evil that has much of the Arab world shaking in fear. With Iran, they are also the prime state sponsors of terrorism. Countries who have only thinly veiled their desires for regional domination. That the Assad regime has stockpiles of chemical weapons, and is willing to use them, only serves to put an exclamation point on things. For this reason those who see the Syria conflict as merely a civil war are missing much.

Of course the best time for influencing this conflict has come and gone. The rebels, who always had a contingent of radical Islamist among them, are now ripe with Al Qaeda sympathizers. The result is, even if Assad is overthrown, the civil war is unlikely to end. With moderates and radicals vying for power, the fall of Assad would likely mean Syria would be unstable for years to come. Add chemical weapon stockpiles into the mix and it is no wonder the world is hesitant to get involved.

As for President Obama, he has been left flopping around like a fish left dry by the receding tide. Hard lessons for a man who prefers to grasp the shirttails of others. Lacking international support, he turned to congress for much needed affirmation only to end up lead by the nose by President Putin. A Reagan or Churchill Obama is obviously not; he is more like a Carter or Chamberlain than anything else. A man who has lead his country to international humiliation and scorn.

The result of the mess is Russia, Syria and Iran increasing their stature and the United States being even further diminished. The so called deal, Syria giving up its chemical weapons stockpiles, is nothing more than an absurd game. Arranged by Syria’s ally, Russia, it is both unverifiable and not credible. Obama, on the other hand, gets to avoid being embarrassed before congress while he keeps forces in the area to make it look like he is doing something. The whole things is nothing more than a charade meant to make it look like America’s jester is in charge. An act that is a hilarious hit with America’s enemies for whom the last two weeks have been grand entertainment indeed.

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