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Obama with NixonCalls for President Obama to be impeached have been whispered in backrooms and bantered about in bars for sometime. Lately a few in congress have even mentioned the “i” word but to little effect. While many might relish the thought few believe it practical, at least at the moment.

The constitution says the House of Representative can impeach a president and the Senate determines if he is guilty and if it merits removal from office. While the Constitution of the United States lays out the method of how a President can be removed from office and who is responsible for what; it does not define what is an impeachable offense. Except for treason and bribery, which are named specifically, the U.S. constitution uses the vague term “high crimes and misdemeanors” to describe what are impeachable offenses. That leads to the simple question what has he done that might qualify for impeachment? The following are but a small number of the things that might qualify him for such a dubious honor.

Dereliction of Duty

The president of the United States takes an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. Part of the duties ascribed to the position of president is to enforce the laws passed by congress. The constitution leaves no leeway in fulfilling this duty, he must faithfully execute it no matter his own feelings on the matter at hand. To be precise the constitution says “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” as any first year law student will tell you the word shall is a term used when one wants to leave no choice in the matter. In plain English, not to enforce the law is violation of his oath and dereliction of his duty as president.

Obama has not only failed to enforce the law of the land he has gone to great lengths to see it wasn’t! Directing those under his control to not do what he is sworn to do, make sure the laws are faithfully executed.

His latest directive to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to not detain Mexican asylum seekers is but the latest offense. In fact he has a whole slew of executive actions that involve refusal to enforce immigration law. Additionally he has long list of other laws he has refused to defend and implement as well. Whether it was in not defending DOMA, not enforcing Marijuana laws, forgoing the internet porn laws, taking a pass on internet gambling or refusing to prosecute voter intimidation by the fascist New Black Panther Party, he has done what he wanted regardless of what the law has entrusted him to do.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the laws in question does not matter, the idea of a President nullifying the country’s laws at will by refusing to enforce them are the actions of a tyrant.

Legislating Through Presidential Fiat

If not enforcing existing law is looked at as being akin to a sin of omission the use of directives to circumvent congress could be best described as a sin of commission. Just as the Constitution is clear on what a president must do it is also clear on what he can”t do. Namely, he can’t make laws or modify them to fit his desires. Writing and passing laws are the duty of the legislature and the legislature alone. The Constitution makes no exception for a temperamental  president who likes to get his way. To this end, President Obama has acted more like a spoiled despot of a third world dictatorship than the leader of the free world.

As a sign of things to come one of President Obama’s first acts as President was to force secured creditors and non union workers to give way to the unsecured debts owed to the UAW. Later he would grant waivers to the No Child Left Behind Act in contempt of congress. Similarly, when congress refused to pass his Carbon Tax scheme he decided to implement many of its key components through Presidential fiat and the EPA  He has even gone as far as demanding coal plants use nonexistent technologies or face fines! (despite a promise by candidate Obama to support coal)

The most infamous of the Presidential legislative decrees have to do with his signature achievement ObamaCare. He has without any power to do so exempted congress, delayed the employer mandate and waived caps on out of pocket expenses. It seems the citizens of the Untied States should be asking why they need courts or a legislature when their dear leader can do it all.

Abuse of Power

There is few things more corrosive to liberty than those who are allowed to abuse the power of their office with impunity. The nation decried Mayor Filner of San Diego for abusing women and others who worked for him. Filner’s abuse of power was indeed despicable but what of Obama’s? Is a man who has illegally trafficked in weapons, bugged the press and spied on his own country any less to be deplored? A president who has made a habit of walking on congress, defying the courts and abusing his authority for political gain to be less reviled?

The President filled positions on the Labor Relations Board without congressional approval and defied the courts when they said his acts were illegal. He also renewed a ban on drilling even though the courts said he was in violation of the law. His Attorney General is now even going after Texas voter laws even though the Supreme Court told him to butt out. Only Andrew Jackson comes close to Obama in ignoring court edicts.

Then there are the scandals for whom no one is fired or even really held accountable. Actions he says he had nothing to do with but apparently has nothing against either. He was silent when his HHS secretary went to those she regulated and suggested they give money to support the implementation of ObamaCare. A clear violation of the law. Similarly the use of the IRS to suppress opposition groups was known and approved of at the highest levels. Obama’s muted reaction has shown that he at a minimum tacitly approves of the actions; even if not directed them himself. The fact is no one was ever fired over the scandal and the evidence suggest it is still going on. Even request for records by conservative groups are charged for at the premium price where his supporters are often given them for free. From top to bottom the President’s administration stinks of cronyism; a culture of corruption that seems to know no bounds.


President Obama has abused the power of the presidency more than any other president in history. Such a statement is not hyperbole or exaggeration, on the contrary it has become a self-evident truth. The list of crimes here are not exhaustive by no means, just highlights of a presidency out of control. It does not include for instance his violations of the constitution or questionable campaign tactics. That Barack Obama is even still president has probably much to do with two things, his color and his party.

As the first black president, most do not want to see him put to shame. Consequently he has been forgiven slights that no one else would of been. There is little doubt President Bush or Reagan would of been impeached long ago if they had done similar.

The Democratic Party is of course dedicated to protecting their man at all cost. This is an inherent problem with political parties that President Washington warned against. They are the bane of good governance. The U.S. congress for example, has become an arena for political combat in which loyalty to the team is valued above all else, including the welfare of the country. Even if men an women were being executed in the streets at this presidents command there would still be some who would be cheering him on.

What America has seen under Obama is constitutional limits on presidential power being crushed and a eroding away of the last vestiges of Federalism. Nothing thus far proven to be so overtly unconstitutional that he would act on it if it suits him  It seems the real question is not if President Obama should be impeached but what if any line must he cross before he would be.

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