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When the President rolled out his new health plan he made several promises. Promises like health care premiums would go down, people could keep their doctors, no one was going to get denied care, it would help the economy recover and everyone would be covered.. Then there is the ultimate lie, that ObamaCare was not a way for government to take over healthcare. It would be understandable if one of his promises were not true, no one can be hundred percent accurate, but the fact is not one of his claims have passed the scrutiny of time. The extant of the deceptions on the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) are far too many to be all just miscalculations or mistakes. Even gross incompetence could not explain them The only explanation is that there were deliberate and calculated deceptions made for the sole purpose of deceiving the American public.

President Obama claimed premiums would go down after ObamaCare; that somehow more people could be added on the system for free. Many called it fantasy but the President looked the American people in the eye and swore it was true. Now even before the Act has become law Insurance rates are skyrocketing. In fact a new report based on Insurance Company data predicts rates to rise as much as 400% and no less than 100%. A far cry from the $2500 per person drop Obama promised.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was the mantra repeated throughout the President’s tour to sell ObamaCare. Funny how he no longer is making that claim. The fact is the exchanges upon which the Act relies create pockets of doctor affiliations which mean you keep your doctor if you stay within his exchange. Additionally many doctors are now giving up private practice all together. More and more it is looking like the chance of keeping your doctor is getting to be mighty slim.

A similar promise was made that people could keep there plans, What many unions have discovered as well as many everyday Americans is no you can’t. Unless you are a member of congress and just voted yourself exempt from ObamaCare rules, your plan has to both meet the standards of the PPACA and cost less for your employer than dumping you in an exchange. The truth is virtually nobody will be able to keep the coverage they presently have (except congress).

Obama with reaperWhen Sarah Palin started the Debate over death panels the MSM and ObamaCare supporters scoffed at the idea. The President himself treated the idea as ludicrous. The truth is President Obama himself in a more candid moment said it might be better if grandma was sent home with a pill instead of getting treatment. It was one of the few instances where the President showed a glimmer of honesty. The restriction of life saving treatment was and is an essential part of ObamaCare. End of life medical counseling was removed from the bill to quell critics but another deadly service remained. The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is the legislation panel of death. This is something not just conservatives are labeling it but liberals like Howard Dean as well. A board whose sole purpose is to decide who gets life saving treatment and who gets a pill and is sent home to die. Cost must be contained for ObamaCare to work and that cost containment comes from the IPAB.

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The healthcare law was initiated in the midst of an historic economic downturn. A downturn from which the United States has still not recovered. As the economy faltered and people suffered the fully Democrat controlled government decided to pass ObamaCare. They did so even though protestors and polls revealed the majority of Americans opposed it. As a cover for their dereliction of duty the President claimed it would help the economy. That somehow a the take over of the healthcare system was an economic move meant to improve the business climate. Of course it was just a ruse, shown by the fact it is now the biggest drag facing the American economy. An overwhelming percent of American small business cites ObamaCare as the reason for not expanding and even fearing for their survival. Additionally it has forced many of those same companies to move to part time workers just to survive. In desperation the President is illegally delaying strategic parts of ObamaCare in a thinly veiled attempted to push off some of the acts impact past the next election.

Even the promise at the heart of ObamaCare is and never was accurate. The claim that it would eliminate the scourge of the uninsured was false from the Acts inception. An estimated 26 million or 8% of the population will not be covered by the Act. Others are even loosing their healthcare due to rising cost associated with its implementation. UPS for instance dropped fifteen thousand spouses from its insurance program. The fact is PPACA takes over a third of the economy and destroys much of what people value about the healthcare system and does not even do what it purports to be its reason for existence. The truth is if ObamaCare was a commercial product the makers would be found liable for fraud.

Finally, from the beginning many claimed the real end game of ObamaCare was to extinguish private insurance all together. That the whole law was meant to be nothing more than a hoax. A clever Trojan horse meant to destroy the healthcare industry and replace it with a government run system. Something Barack Obama denied fervently even as some of his own party like Barney Frank admitted that was exactly what it was meant to do. Even the HHS secretary in charge of ObamaCare has said as much and recently Harry Reid declared it was true.

The fact is if ObamaCare is not stopped the power of life and death for all Americans will be in the hands of faceless bureaucrats. A DMV style healthcare system where standing in line for months for life saving treatment is the norm. Freedom will be a subservient afterthought in a world where how you live and what you eat is the business of the state. Of course Obama says this is not true, that we should believe him for he is the President. It is not like he would lie to you.

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