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The Rodeo Clown incident in Missouri has gotten a lot of attention. Calls for investigations and minions declaring how dare they. The question is why? Is Obama off limits to parody? Can he be made fun of in public arenas or is the fact he is black make him immune? God knows how many times George Bush was poked fun of, burned in effigy, decapitated at Obama rallies, executed in mock lynchings  and even had his head put on a stick by HBO. Can anyone imagine the uproar if any of these things happened to Obama let alone all of them?

The fact is there was nothing racist about the clown act, the mask of a largely unpopular president used in a comedy bit is as American as Apple pie. What isn’t American is treating a President like he is above reproach or public humiliation. The NAACP and others who have made a big deal about this and even those that have placated such nonsense owe the American people an apology. They have made a mountain out of an imaginary mole hill.

Coinciding with the story is one where Oprah claimed racism against a Swiss shop only to be shown to be crying wolf instead. That she was denied the opportunity to handle a handbag that cost more than most people’s cars was a racist slight in her mind. That is of course the problem, it was in her mind only. She has since walked her accusations back a bit but the damage was done. The Zimmerman case was another example of cries of racism where none was present. The media did all but build a gallows and send out invitations in their attempt to lynch his character.

All of this is showing a very unattractive underbelly of the American black community. One where paranoia and exploitation meet in an unseemly dance of bigotry. On one hand there are the unholy alliance of race hustlers who exploit racial division for monetary gain and on the other cynical racists who see racism under every rock and pebble. Liberals one and all, these are people on a devil’s errands of spreading hate. What is worse is when these race baiting hate mongers are out doing their work the press jumps on board.

The results of all the poisoned spewed by the preachers of hate is a deepening divide between black and white in America. In the black community large numbers see everything in terms of race. Too often their resentment gives way to violence only to be covered up by media to eager to feed the line that racism is a white disease. If teenager is burned, a man beaten, a tourist pummeled or a boy stomped on it does not matter what the motive is if the perpetrators are black. Such crimes are merely assaults but if the colors are reversed the acts are inevitably called hate crimes.

All of this does nothing to further national discourse or promote healing. The wound of America’s racist past is ready to heal if only people would let it. The truth is many people in the United Stated do seem to need some racial sensitivity training but that does not include rodeo clown from Missouri. It is those who have been driven to racial paranoia by race hustlers to the point they see racist slights at every turn.

(The Pigford Scandal, Read about Obama’s Racist Farm Policy here)

The kind of racism as shown by the NAACP over the clown incident hurts everyone. It poisons young black minds and convinces them the world is against them. When they hear leaders of the community telling them whites will not let them succeed no matter how hard it only breeds despair. Something that is nothing more than the proverbial lie from the pit of hell that feeds the hopelessness and fear that permeates America’s inner cities.

A cynic might think that all this racial hype and race baiting going on has a purpose. That if racial divides were allowed to heal than organizations like the NAACP would  become irrelevant. That hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson might have to get real jobs instead of making a living off of other people’s misery. One might even postulate that liberals, thinking they will lose part of their base if blacks get more successful, might try to keep them down. A cynic might also believe that this is why all of these people are trying so hard to keep the fires of racial strife as hot as possible. Of course that would be if one was a cynic.

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