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liberalTwo proposals being submitted for serious consideration are working their way to adoption. Radical agenda items that for a normal person would seem too farfetched to even contemplate. For modern liberals still giddy from their victories under Obama and in the Supreme Court, nothing apparently falls into the category of too radical or too farfetched for them to contemplate.

The first is a proposal that has already passed the California legislature. The bill meant to advance the rights of “transgender” individuals is called AB1266 or euphemistically the bathroom bill. The name might be appropriate as the potty bill’s best use would be as toilet paper. It would require all schools to open up facilities and programs separated according to sex to transgender children. In short, if a boy wants to wear a dress or a girl sport a crew cut he or she will be able to take their role playing to the next level under sanction of law. This includes going to the opposite sex bathrooms, playing on opposite sex sport teams and even showering with those of the opposite sex.

What liberals mark as a triumph of transgender rights those with minds look at with amazed incredulity. To think it is alright for a teenage boy playing dress-up to barge in to the girls locker room and demand to shower with female students is beyond insane; it is something that fits into the realm of derangement. That a state legislature would pass such a law requiring schools to indulge such behavior is also beyond belief. Yet here it is, a law that does all of that and more; one only missing the signature of California’s Governor to become law.

The California bill is a reflection of what one gets when a mental disorder like liberalism is taken seriously. What level does liberal lunacy has to be taken before it is recognized for what it is? That is a question that apparently without answer.

On the national level President Obama is using his power to take the issue of integration to a whole new level. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is marching out a new program that proposes to change the makeup of America’s neighborhoods. In an act of social engineering not seen since President Johnson sent his welfare recruiters out into black neighborhoods, HUD wants to integrate American both racially and economically. A tall order to be sure but for the modern liberal mind no act is too far fetched.

The proposed rule called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is presently in the public comment phase. The roll out is too come later. The strategy is simple, to take the massive HUD permanent poverty housing program to a new level. The plan is to put HUD subsidized housing participants in areas on the basis of “diversifying” neighborhoods both racial and economically. The motivation seems to be to transform the American landscape into a classless society, something the purveyors learned in college while taking Marx 101 no doubt. Liberals feel it is unfair that the rich live in such exclusive neighborhoods and seek to change that. The HUD proposal wants to extend that privileged to welfare moms as well.

Despite what liberals think, if they think at all, systemic poverty is not mostly circumstantial. Changing where a person lives does not change the person. and will not make them successful. Failing schools in poor neighborhoods and lack of services are the result of the residents bad habits as much as anything. Habits like lack of parental involvement in education and high crime. Moving people like pieces on a chessboard does nothing to alleviate these issues. What it does do is spread urban blight and gang violence.

This proposal is brought to America by the same people’s whose free housing and the expansion of welfare destroyed families and made poverty a way of life for many. Now apparently they want to build on that success.

The insanity of the liberal mind knows no bounds. Their insistence on applying the same old failed programs over and over again as well as their incessant ripping apart of the foundations of society reveals them to be of a questionable mental state. These samples are but two of a cornucopia of bad ideas that show indelibly that most liberals are not fit to hold political office.

“The Conservative Mind”

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