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As the bloodshed in Syria goes on unabated, the torture chambers of Saddam have reopened under new management and Egypt is in danger of falling into chaos; the question not being asked is how much of this can be blamed on U.S. policy. The Middle East is probably more unstable today than anytime in modern history. The fiery match of democracy has touched the gasoline of tribal and religious divisions in a place where the Rule of Law remains a foreign concept.

Even if Syria has slipped off the front pages of western newspapers the violence there has not stopped. The truth is, it has escalated beyond anything seen before. Death is a daily occurrence and justice as rare as water in the land’s parched deserts. The actions of the United States looks to be to do everything possible to aggravate the situation. Encouraging rebellion against the dictator Assad while refusing to assist the opposition, President Obama played the role of a cheering Caesar egging on a set of gladiators. By mouthing platitudes but offering no real action, he assured an outcome of unending blood and gore. Then as if on some macabre que he is offering limited weapons to the rebels when Assads victory seemed assured. An action whose scope seems purely meant to keep the blood flowing as long as possible.

What is happening in Syria is happening across the Arab World. Where the policy of the United States for decades was stability and peace it is now revolution and chaos. Slow steady pressure to improve human rights and increase the Rule of Law and been replaced by the applications of the quick fix of liberally applied Democracy. The results speak for themselves.

Syria is in ruins, Egypt is on the verge of revolution, Iraq is fast becoming a fascist state, tribal and religious divides threaten to tear Libya apart and even the future of stable countries like Jordan are becoming questionable. In fact there is no Muslim state in Northern Africa/Near East Asia that can now boast of having a fully stable government. What is equally apparent is the leadership in the United States is partially at fault.

President Obama, absent of any clear strategy, has implemented a policy that was aptly described by an aid on Libya as, “leading from behind.” Acting in a series knee jerk reactions the U.S. Middle East policy seems to be not to have one. Heated rhetoric is usually followed by inaction or limited interference. If a pattern can be deciphered it is the support for chaos and undermining of stability. Constantly stirring the pot of societies already on the edge of coming apart at the seams.

Barack Obama has in effect become a Nero in the Coliseum of the Middle East. Encouraging secular and religious gladiators to tear themselves apart for the world’s entertainment. When his internal meddling results in countries burning themselves to the ground he sets back to enjoy the show. Every move the President makes could not be more a perfectly choreographed to create bloodshed than if it had been designed that way from the start.

The truth is, as much as his actions have contributed to deaths of thousands Obama is no Nero nor are have his intentions been to create chaos. The carnage is not the results of any evil plot but merely the spurious results of deluded mind. Incapable of seeing beyond his own prejudices, he applies a strategy based on a world view that is disconnected from reality. Once more, he seems totally incapable of holding himself accountable for the damage he does.

President Obama was suppose to be the savior of U.S. foreign policy. Throngs met him in Egypt and the masses adored him in Germany. He even got a Nobel Prize just for being elected. Now all he gathers is small groups of curious on lookers and the hatred of much of the world. A man too inept to understand when things don’t work and too blind to see the destruction he has helped wrought.

“The Conservative Mind”

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