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Evil needs only darkness to grow. Its a tree whose roots run deep in the human soul and that gains strength if left in the shadows. Evil, unlike love, does not whither when ignored nor need tending to thrive. Burke’s famous adage “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” is truer than most would like to admit.

The essence of evil is found in hatred and bigotry. Although such things are inherent in the human condition, they can become epidemic in proportion. This is especially true when those being consumed by it are given a pass by society. Whether for past sins or present conditions, nothing justifies giving anyone the license to detest others who have done them no wrong. To do so is to give rise to a poison that harms the holder of it as much as it does those it is directed at. Given this it is not surprising that a spirit of hate and bigotry has grown in the United States among some in its minority community.

There has no doubt been hate and bigotry in the black community for Caucasians ever since slavery but it was tempered by the knowledge that so white people died fighting to end slavery. In the midst of the civil rights movement there arose new movements within black society. Groups that taught that the white race was inherently evil. Organizations like the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam became teachers of hatred; anti-Martin Luther King’s who would entice many to their cause. Unfortunately, sheltered by a society that has largely forgave their evils, their numbers have grown in recent decades.

Today the art of bigotry is taught by numerous groups, especially in poor neighborhoods where the ignorance of the masses makes them easy prey. There are familiar names like the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam as well as new comers like the National Black Foot Soldier Network. Even the once moderate NAACP has become infected with the disease. Then there are also those like President Obama’s former pastor, the Reverend Wright, who preach hate and mistrust from a pulpit. Wright is a firm believer in Black Liberation Theology; a religion that teaches white people are inherently racist and only through a strong government implementing socialist policies can blacks enjoy equality and live in peace.

For the members of these groups hate is a way of life. Everything for them is seen through a twisted kaleidoscope of race. Anger is an ever present emotion, waiting to spring forth on those they blame for every misery under the sun. Even the most innocent gesture is suspect if it comes from someone of European ancestry. These are people who don’t see themselves as racist or even believe they can be. To them prejudice is the act of a powerful race against a less powerful one, a redefinition that excuses them of all wrong.

The recent case of Trayvon Martin has brought out black racist and their apologist in force. Even the President has gotten in on the act. The case of black teenager who was killed while assaulting a neighborhood watchmen has gathered international attention. The outrages reactions to the Trayvon case are not the only examples of racist anger; flash mob attacks have been going on for some time although largely unreported. Violence fed by a subculture of hate that permeates large segments of black society.

This should not be taken as impugning the whole community. Moderate voices have expressed concern about the over the top rhetoric on the Trayvon case as well as others. People like Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, Juan Williams have spoken out decrying those who have made the verdict about race. In fact there are vast numbers that do not see a racial boogeyman behind every door. People whose voices are often drowned out by racial activist and a left wing media who prefers to stoke racial fires than put them out.

President Obama has decided to add fuel to the fire by declaring Trayvon could of been him. It seems he never can see fit to pass on an opportunity to divide Americans more.

The truth is the interracial hatred being cultivated in the African American community is a tragedy that hurts black Americans disproportionately. The race baiters and division exploiters that are feeding the disease of racial strife are undermining the very foundations of the community. It is contributing greatly to the hoards of inner city gangs filled with hopeless, fatherless teens spilling each others blood with no more regret than they would a glass of milk. Of course the death of boy murdered because he wouldn’t join a gang or child killed by a stray bullet is of little concern to those seeking racial justice. A term that is little more than an excuse for institutional bigotry.

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