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CrazyUpon this empire, like that of Rome, calamity has at fallen. A hour of intellectual barbarians has burst upon it, and has occupied it by force the length and breadth of it. The result has been astounding. Had the invaders been barbarians only, they might have been repelled easily; but they were a phenomenon new to history: they showed us real knowledge in the hands of real ignorance; and the work of the combination thus far has been ruin, not reorganization. Few great movements at the beginning have been conscious of their own tendency; but no great movement has mistaken it like the modern Liberals. Seeing just too well to have the true instinct of blindness, and too ill to have the proper guidance from sight, it has tightened its clutch upon the world of thought, only to impart to it its own confusion. What lies before men now is to reduce this confusion to order, by a patient and calm employment of the intellect.

Such are the words of W. H. Mallock written a century ago. Of course some license has been taken as his words were a condemnation of Positivists, but for this age the word liberals works just as well. Not a day goes by where their words and actions don’t make them a walking caricature. Cartoonish metaphors of themselves that, although ludicrous in nature, are hardly comical. Partly because it is hard to satirize the absurd and partly because the destruction they have wrought, they are hardly amusing. In reality they have been like a force of nature, a tornado or hurricane, wreaking havoc upon society. Practiced in the art of the superficial they pull many into their oxymoronic vortex.

Liberals make themselves out to be bastions against the forces of racism but insist on dividing people up according to the color of their skin. They are known to seek money for every cause under the sun but as a group are the stingiest of all. If the economy wails in the travail of hard times their answer is to pile on regulations and taxes to the camels already trembling back. They speak of love for their fellow man but are the first to resort to violence, even if protesting the same. If the vile and inane are silenced their free speech they will support but often try to forbid conservatives a single word. Even democracy, a religion whose tenants they seem to support unquestionably, is thrown aside if the vote does not go their way.

No action is below them, no act of hypocrisy too blatant. The current outcrop of scandals in Washington are merely reflections of the liberal soul. A soul that revels in its good intent but ignores the consequences of its actions. For them their beliefs must triumph, by any means and at any cost. The recent stoking of racial fires in the Trayvon Martin case is only the latest in a long line of transgressions that if tallied in whole would strain a pope’s ability to forgive.

This is not to say liberals have no ability to change, over the decades they have if only incrementally. For a liberal to accept he is wrong takes an act of God so powerful that it shakes him to his very core. A experiment done by a liberal professor found that, when asked, conservatives are able to speak and answer inquiries as if they were liberals; liberals, on the other hand, if asked to mimic conservatives become only frustrated and angry. It seems the open mind of liberals is perennially closed to thought with which it disagrees. Like drunks in a darkened barroom, they shun the light for fear they will see the wretched state they are in.

To paraphrase a line from the street, a person does not need to be insane to be a liberal, but it helps. It is hard to understand those whose actions and words are so diametrically opposed as they are with many liberals. Even so called honest liberals, those whose actions tend to line up with their beliefs, are prone to blindness that defies explanation.

Liberals themselves fall into two categories, victims and elitist. The victims seek out someone to blame for the situations they find themselves and others in. Responsibility is a word as foreign to their ears as ancient Babylonian would be to a modern man. The elitist on the other hand see the world as made up of incompetent minions whose only hope is to be directed in life by people such as themselves. The two sides feed off of each other to the detriment of society. This reveals an inherent truth about liberalism, it is not that they are intent on poisoning the society in which they live, their actions are merely the gross acts of self-deluded minds.

To argue with most avid liberals is to argue with a wall. They either match facts with denial or repeat mantras of catch phrases that they have learned to impress the uninformed. If proven wrong they, like swine thrown pearls, are likely to strike out in anger. Their ideas, although they have all the depth of a wading pool, are infectious all the same. Once they take hold of the unsuspecting mind they seem to infect it from frontal lobe to cerebellum. As a philosophy it is apparently perfectly suited to low brow thinking of modern man. The only defense against its unending onslaught is the presentment of truth to those whose minds are still open to it.

“The Conservative Mind”

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