Justice is blind is not just a euphemism but a statement that conveys a most basic truth. Despite what candidate Obama stated, Judges who base their decision on who is before them are not purveyors of justice. In fact a society that bases its decisions of right and wrong or even privilege on the color of people’s skin or even their income status are practicing nothing more than institutionalized vigilantism.

For all the effort to make the shooting death of Trayvon Martin about race and the influence peddling that went on, the case was decided on the facts. Too bad the deliberations inside the courtroom did not match the hijinks going on outside it. That is the reason the Trayvon Martin case is so troubling. There was an extraordinary effort to introduce race into the case despite there being no basis for it. NBC doctored recordings to make Zimmerman seem like a racist, the question remains for what purpose. Even the President of the country waded into the middle the investigation and inflamed the situation even more. His comments comparing Trayvon to the son he never had looked like an intentional act of judicial sabotage. The fact is the Trayvon Martin case never had any racial component to it. Of course that did not seem to matter, charges of racism permeated most news broadcast anyway. It was no surprise when the usual suspects of racial profiteers tried to insert race into the case as well. For them it is simply a way of continuing to seem relevant in world that has passed them by. How else are the talentless Al Sharptons and relics like the Jesse Jackson suppose to keep their bank accounts full. The President on the other hand is suppose to be above such things.

Despite all the racial hoopla the verdict came down to the evidence. In a case that should of never even went to trial the verdict should of been preordained and it pretty much was. Nonetheless, the innocent verdict is bound to incite bitterness in those blinded by bigotry and hate. That this case should of never even seen a courtroom, and wouldn’t of if the races roles were reversed, will be of little comfort to them. For the racist and those of the victim class, Trayvon was another young black kid gunned down before he had a chance to live. Facts do not matter, only colors, in this case black and red.

In the days ahead there will be backhanded calls for calm from those who would prefer anything but. Urging peace but claiming injustice at the same time, they will seek to exploit the situation for all its worth. As for Zimmerman, the trial is just a step. It is unlikely the race baiters and hate hustlers will let George alone or move on anytime soon. They will continue to exploit the tragedy for all its worth and a bit more. The name Trayvon will be used as a synonym of injustice like Rodney King and used as proof there is no justice for those of color.

In the end, for all the race baiting and even a judge who tried to help the prosecution by an impromptu interrogation of the defendant, justice prevailed. The jurors did their job and at least in this case justice had no color, as it should be.

“The Conservative Mind”

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