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America has always been a country with an undercurrent of contentiousness. A society built out of stubborn people who would rather die free than live under tyranny. A melting pot of renegades, asylum seekers and entrepreneurs yearning for a chance to live life their way.

There has also existed an underbelly to American culture as well; one made up of amoral opportunist and envy driven malcontents. People who would remake America to a place where equality before the law is replaced by equality of reward and government control. They have been part of the country since Thomas Paine wrote the Rights of Man and hurled insults at George Washington. People America’s forefathers called levelers but today call themselves liberals, progressives and socialist. Idealist who are starting to threaten the country’s very existence.

For most of the country’s history the levelers were few and their influence minor. Starting with the twentieth century they have been changing America in waves. Periods of increased influence that have changed the face of the nation. First there was the progressive era, followed by the New Deal and then the Great Society. Each defined by a president who rode changes in public sentiment to legislative success. Each was followed in succession by the nation turning back towards its conservative roots.

Barack Obama is the latest in this line of Presidential levelers to advance radical game changing schemes. Although Obama might compare to his predecessors in someways in others he is in a class by himself. Much of has agenda has been hugely unpopular and has divided America like never before. Not since before the War for Independence has so many normally non-political citizens gotten so riled up. Once the domain of fringe groups and social activist: picketing, protesting and political involvement is becoming the realm of church deacons, soccer moms and Joe six pack. Sure signs that many people becoming “mad as hell” and deciding they are “not going to take it anymore.”

The Tea Party was the first sign that main stream Americans were getting pushed to the limit. Protesters now turned to political activism. State legislatures have in turn becoming ever more defiant of Washington as well. Some have passed laws to preempt future federal gun grabs and most are refusing to implement federal edicts involving ObamaCare. Kansas has gone even as far as threatening to prosecute Federal Agents who arrest their citizens for violating Federal gun laws. Large numbers of local Sheriffs are also rebelling by refusing to enforce onerous gun laws whether they be state or federal.

The conservative and libertarian uprising has many on the left worried. The true depth and strength of this dissatisfaction was revealed in a poll that shows nearly a third of registered voters believe armed revolution might be necessary to protect American liberties. A poll whose results seem more in line with America 1773 then America 2013. A full 29% of U.S. citizens that think armed conflict might be needed to stop America’s slide toward tyranny. Even President Obama is acknowledging the growing discontent, in a recent college address he admonished the graduates to “reject voices that warn of government tyranny.” His homeland security chief has repeatedly warned of the threat of “right wing” terrorism even though all non-Islamic terrorist threats have come from the left. Rantings of those who see a growing backlash to their policies.

The truth is the President and his policies have created an unspannable chasm among Americans. A great split between those caught up in his vision of social and economic justice and the many for whom the constitution and the Rule of Law still hold sway. A division so deep and fundamental that conflict is inevitable.

The confrontation is between those caught up in creation of a fantasy that has never nor can ever fully exist and those who prefer to cling to reality. The bottom line is the leveling of the sort the President is attempting leads inevitably to tyranny. It is simply impossible to both treat people fairly and have equal outcomes. Every step towards social equality means someone’s fundamental rights have to be trampled on. For those that doubt such is true need only ask Protestants forced to pay for abortions or Catholics for birth control. The inevitable need for control also means those that oppose such measures must be watched, directed and/or suppressed. Thus the “scandals” rocking the Obama administration.

Some might say these are radical words and truthfully there are radical voices on the fringes of both sides. One that smells blood and seems to be salivating at the thought of feeding off a rotting American carcass; the other screaming about conspiracies and filled with fear and rage. While the fringes may make good news fodder the real fight lies not between the reactionaries on the fringes but between adherents of social justice and those who believe in the Rule of Law. Between the two lies an unspannable chasm as well as a large mass clueless people.for whom ignorance is a way of life.

The levelers have had the upper hand for the last five years but that is changing. The scent of revolution is in the air, a political revolution whose full ramifications are not yet known. The congressional approval  rating is in the single digits and the president is now less  popular then his predecessor. At the same time the schemes of the levelers and their cohorts are coming unraveled. Despite the lefts propaganda machine it seems freedom still flows in the veins of most Americans.

This is not to say any certain outcome is preordained. Although there is now a throbbing mass of humanity willing to do whatever it takes to set the country right, the momentum is not without resistance. Moochers and their leveling patrons as well as leftest dreamers are still a powerhouse and their defeat far from certain. Even so, the momentum is against them. What is certain is the chasm between the two sides is too great to bridge. When compromise is no longer an option, victory and domination is all that remains.

“The Conservative Mind”

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