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chicagolandObama was and is an intense talented man who sees the world very much in black and white terms. In the book Dreams of my Father, he describes pointently his restless mind, as well as the anger and loneliness he felt as a boy. Abandoned by his father, he sought refuge in the tutelage of a bitter communist poet. He learned anger but also focus, the two things would combine in his young mind to create a sense of purpose, a sense that would never leave him. Listless in his early college years, the lessons of his childhood mentor eventually gave him the strength to move forward.

After college he moved to Chicago where the Reverend Wright gave him the spiritual component his life was missing. There should be no mistake, during his twenty years in Wrights church he listened intently to every word. His sense of purpose born out of focused anger was developed into a spiritual mission wrapped in the cloak of racial and economic justice. A mission too important to let anything or anyone stand in his way.

As a community organizer he learned the ropes of the political system by teaching others how to game it. When cajoled into running for office he did so from the home of a sixties radical terrorist, a apt location for a man for whom scruples and justice had become mutually exclusive. No longer a student of “Rule’s for Radicals,” he was a teacher and instructor on how to manipulate the world to get one’s way.

Obama won his 1996 Senate seat by removing his competition. He used every technicality he could find to contest every signature his opponents had used to get on the ballot. Knocking both Democratic challengers out of the race he won the primary unopposed in a Democratically controlled district. A true Chicagoland style victory that was merely a reflection of the man Obama had become. That one of the opponents he stepped on was the woman who had helped him get into politics, serves to make the picture complete.

Many have forgotten that Obama won the 2008 Democratic primary by busing in supporters from out of state to inundate the Iowa caucuses and that he got on the Indiana ballot with forged signatures. The treatment of Sarah Palin was also nothing less than a Chicagoland style political hit, one done with a media assist. As arrogant and condescending a politician ever to win the White House. It is no wonder that when he won the election he told Republicans elections have consequences and virtually locked them out of the White House. To quote some street slang, that is just how he rolls.

After his first political slap down in 2010, his dirty political machine went to work making sure that did not happen in 2012. Telling his supporters to “get in the face” of political opponents, for him it was war. He sent out request for political dirt and falsely denounced Romney backers as being low lives. Lies and over the top rhetoric became the norm and secret meetings commonplace. Romney was a racist, a felon, a murderer and a thief according to the Obama campaign. It was also during this time that Mitt Romney’s tax records were leaked to the press and the IRS was targeting conservative groups to disrupt any effect they might have on the election.

The IRS targeting part of the campaign is now a matter of record. The administration in response has dutiful marched out a couple of mid-level scape goats for a public flogging and vowed to get those who were working on his behalf. Unfortunately for Barack, nearly everyone in government knows auditors do not make policy or create procedures. The fact is, the day before the illegal auditing began, President Obama had a secret meetings with the head of the IRS union. Coincidence, probably not. The flogged auditors have been crying out this was a top level decision, something that should be obvious. The truth is it appears to be nothing more than dirty, Obama Style, Chicagoland Politics at its worst.

The fact is all the scandals piling up around the President seem to fit right in with the his personality and history. From the hardball actions by the Justice Department dealing with AP and Fox to the denial of reality that led to the death of brave American diplomats it has been business as usual. Even the ignored illegal arm twisting HHS has been trying on insurance companies is classic Obama. Then there is the potential scandal no one thought worth investigating, a magic drop in unemployment right before the election. It was something no economist was predicting and was predicated on data provided by the White House controlled Census Bureau.

Deluded and incapable of seeing reality except through the filter of his prejudices, Obama looks to have finally dug a hole that threatens to become his political grave. Now if the half the nation that still supports him can only find the strength to open their eyes and see him for who he really is.

“The Conservative Mind”

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