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Obama and companyThe latest facts coming out about President Obama’s administration seem to confirm accusation leveled against them for some time. What just a few months ago was dismissed as conspiracy nonsense is now admitted fact. Something that is making many take a second look at what has been happening under the President’s watch.

Conservative Jewish and Hispanic groups, pro-life organizations, and the Tea Party were singled out for scrutiny by the IRS. Undergoing audits that involved unimaginably intrusive questioning. Questions like who did you vote for, what does your group pray about and even what the leaders had posted on their personnel twitter accounts were common. Associates, participant and donor lists were also prime targets for IRS auditors.

Even more chilling than the selective auditing of conservative groups was the singling out of individuals. People who were on Obama’s campaign site enemies list were subject to audits as were reporters, conservative personalities and anyone else who dared raise their profiles too high. Even Governor Romney’s tax records were illegally funneled to the press during the campaign. Things that had gone on for years before the Inspector General’s brought the group audits to light. During this time the agency leadership knew about the illegal actions and did little to nothing to stop it. If not in collusion they were at a minimum co-conspirators by virtue of their silence.

The IRS was not the lone participant in this outlandish behavior. Businessmen who were hit by punitive IRS audits often saw the Department of Labor show up at their door as well. The truth is conservatives have been bearing the brunt of a fall frontal assault by the Obama administration for awhile. Homeland Security wanted to mark pro-life supporters and other conservatives as potential terrorist. Evangelicals and Catholics were deemed extremist by the Army. The military is even threatening Christians with Court Marshall if they dare practice their most basic tenant, that of sharing their faith. HHS has similarly singled out conservative Catholics with its birth control mandate and the EPA waived fees to access information for liberal groups but refused to do the same for conservative ones.

None of this is happening in a vacuum. Truth is there is a culture of arrogance and condescension that permeates the entire Obama administration. It is on display in every news conference and congressional hearing. It oozes out in Obama’s speeches and the dismissive tone he shows his critics. It is this culture that has shown itself to be a fertile ground for the abusive use of power from the beginning. The Administration’s first year alone it was involved in backroom union deals of the GM bailout, lost billions in Green Energy stimulus boondoggles and used unethical congressional shortcuts to pass ObamaCare.

The scandals piling up the President’s doorstep are a result of who he put in positions of power and a culture he encouraged. If an organizations leader does not respect legal limits why should those under him. Last year nine state Attorney Generals made a list of twenty-one examples of the Obama administration ordering agencies to break the law. When the Justice Department seized AP phone records in a massive fishing expedition it was following a precedent of consistently outrageous behavior. Its mass confiscating of private data was like searching every home in a small town to find out who stole Grandma’s ring. It was also recently revealed the IRS confiscated the medical records of sixty million people while exercising a warrant for the financial records of just one person. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius efforts to strong arm insurance companies into giving money to help implement ObamaCare are also symptomatic of the corrupt culture Obama has created. Then there is of course Benghazi.

The State Department arrogantly withdrew security when the Libyan Embassy was begging for more. They followed that by denying assistance when their Benghazi post was under attack. When question about it all, their answers dripped with condescension and lies. Blaming it on a video when they knew the real truth; that it was a terrorist attack they had been warned would happen. A story of death and dishonor that still begs for full disclosure.

All these scandals swirling around the Administration are simply a reflection of a darkness that permeates to its very soul. Its arrogance and condescension have been shown to be not just character flaws but a prelude to evil. Fooling itself into believing it has a right to control others as it sees fit. This is the state of the present Administration. An administration that begrudgingly acknowledges limitations only when it is forced to. An attitude that those under him have taken a liking to.

“The Conservative Mind”

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