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America’s Dr. Death

The greatest advancement of mankind was not the wheel or even fire. It was accepting the worth of an individual life. When a society adopts a creed by which right and wrong are deciphered, that has at its core respect for life, it has passed over the debarkation line between civilization and barbaric evil. It is thought by some that traffic across that line is one way but NAZI Germany smashed such idealism long ago. The trial of Kermit Gosnell is testing the metal of America’s soul and upon which side of the line it will remain.

The trial of Kermit Gosnell is one that makes the left very uncomfortable as well it should. The man at the center of this horror story turned murder trial is a product of 1960’s radicalism and its amoral stance on abortion. That he killed probably hundreds of innocent babies is undeniable given the overwhelming evidence. Snipping their necks soon after they started to breath unless he was too busy; in which case, they were thrown aside to be murdered at a time more convenient. No one outside the NAZI death camps has committed such brutal acts on so many defenseless human beings.

Abortion on viable fetuses is in itself an unconscionable act most physicians refuse to partake in. That it is allowed at all within any society is inexcusable. The barbarity goes even further when those tiny lives, who can feel pain and even breath if they are allowed, are subjected to acts within the womb that would get a person jailed if done on an animal. Given the barbarity of late term abortions it is only a short step from killing a viable fetus in the womb to killing a baby soon after its first breath. This is a step Gosnell had no problem taking.

The radical left in America have no conscience when it comes dispatching young lives or elderly ones. Abortion is a right and assisted suicide a moral obligation in their book. Both are something they believe should be made available without restriction. Gosnell was one of them, a liberal warrior on a mission.

The media at first did not want to report on the trial. It was obviously treading on uncomfortable ground for the nations must liberal minded industry. To let the people know what truly went on might bring about an pro-life backlash and threaten to undo all they had accomplished since Roe versus Wade. Consequently the press box at the trial went empty for some time and would of remained so if it weren’t for Breitbart and then Fox News picking it up. It unthinkable that the trial of the worst serial killer, or assassin if you will, in American history almost went totally unreported by the media. Even after prodding them into action the Main Stream Media coverage was minimal to say the least. A testament to how far the left will go to cover up its madness from the public and even themselves.

If you believe in a judgment day, and this author does, then the left must tremble at the thought. Their crimes are many and the evil they have brought on society is without measure. Virtually every malady visited on American society has come at their hand.

It was nineteenth century liberals who preached the black race was not up to the task of self-determination. Early twentieth century progressive liberals who segregated government and opposed anti-lynching laws as well as the Voting Rights Act. It was then, those same liberals, created the welfare state, the drug wars, unlimited abortion, affirmative action, and unsafe streets in the nineteen sixties. Even the present economic state and national debt can be laid mostly on their shoulders.

In the liberal mind morality is relative and traditional standards an anachronism in need of abandonment. Despite what a once popular liberal book said, I am okay, you are okay often means nobody is okay, especially children. Moral relativism is just a synonym for moral decline. In this case the vessel of American decline was developed inside a progressive womb and was born full term during the labor pangs of the 1960’s. A time when traditional American values came under attack. In their place progressive liberals promoted ideas of free love, alternative family structures, drugs and even socialism. It was a self-absorbed hideous hedonistic counter culture that successfully infected much of American society with its disease.

Before the liberal flower power decade American streets were safe even in most poor neighborhoods. Drugs use among teens was minimal and teenage pregnancy rare. Everywhere children’s well being was considered more important than the careers and wishes of adults. Even blacks were improving economically faster and unemployment among minorities mirrored that of whites. By every method one can measure the well being of a society, America declined in the nineteen sixties. A declined instituted by liberals.

As for the abortion industry, it was not born in the nineteen sixties but it is then its modern foundations were laid. Looking for a case to take to the Supreme Court, sixties radicals found it in Roe versus Wade. After that ruling abortion became a lucrative business. Planned Parenthood, an organization originally dedicated to controlling the population of blacks and others it considered undesirable, spearheaded the drive to expand abortion services. Selling abortion as humane and normal it increased its acceptance and frequency and turned it into a billion dollar business. A business according to Planned Parenthood’s original mission was concentrated in poor black neighborhoods. The same business of death that would make Gosnell rich.

The problem with Gosnell for the left is he is one of them. An uncomfortable visage looking back at them from the other side of the looking glass. By attempting to hide him from the public they are also trying to hide him from themselves. The truth is for all the horror Gosnell committed he is someone America needs to take a close look at. For he is also part of them, a twisted evil sprung from their liberal roots. An evil that can only be exorcised from their souls if they are willing to look at it in the eye.

“The Conservative Mind”

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