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ObamaCare was thought to be invincible, an unsinkable ship of liberalism once it set sail. If there was a chance to stop it that evaporated once Obama was re-elected. While the idea of wholesale scuttling is still a dream the stars might be aligning to make this dream come true,

The cost of implementing the President’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ObamaCare) is proving to be the iceberg that could signal its impending doom. Like an iceberg, the cost of ObamaCare lies mostly hidden beneath an ocean of bureaucratic rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that few fully understand. As more and more of these come to light its support, even among Democrats, is thinning.

The fact is President Obama realizes this as much as anyone. He has commented that there are bound to be some bumps and glitches in the implementation. An understatement meant to prepare the public for the coming disaster. For the President about all he can do is prepare people for potential problems and avoid adding to them. This is probably one of the reasons he has delayed nominating people to the PPACA’s second death panel. Not one person of the Independent Payment Advisory Board will be in place this year. The panel meant to control cost by selecting who gets life saving treatment when the budget gets tight.

In reality hardly anything is on schedule or going as planned. One of the authors of the PPACA has called the coming implementation a train wreck and has seen fit to retire in 2014. Another, Jay Rockefeller, says the legislation’s complexity is beyond comprehension and if it is not implemented fully and correctly its problems will only get worse. Of course if it is beyond comprehension proper implementation by mere humans is not likely. If the laws authors now fear what they have wrought how much more should the rest of America? It is no wonder many former supporters are now having second thoughts.

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, Congress has been seeking to exempt itself from the monstrosity it inflicted on everyone else. Unions likewise are waking up and realizing their temporary exemptions are that, temporary. The cost increases and benefit restrictions it soon will impose on their memberships has got them singing the ObamaCare blues. A chorus that the entire nation will likely be joining in very soon.

Many aspects of the PPACA are going to be hitting the general public over the next year. Probably the most noticeable will be increases in the cost of insurance. ObamaCare will be increasing the cost of health coverage just as the midterm elections come along. In effect, it will be like a huge tax draining money out of people’s pockets. When you add to that the cost businesses will incur trying to implement the program and PPACA’s new taxes, you have a giant drag on the American economy at a time it can least afford it. None of this factors in losses in procedures covered, fewer medicare doctors and other non-fiscal impacts of the healthcare law.

All of this will only serve to increase calls for its repeal. Unfortunately to dispatch the healthcare beast in one fatal swoop even then is unlikely. Fortunately that might not be necessary. As Senator Rockefeller said, the healthcare reform bill is complicated and interdependent. The law is filled with critical tidbits, Achilles heels it cannot do without. Like a loose string on an old sweater, pull on one part and the rest will start coming undone. A weakness that makes what seemed impossible, getting rid of ObamaCare, a distinct possibility.

Any attempt to fix what is looking more and more like an unworkable system will likely make things worse. Fixes the public is likely to be clamoring for very soon. Desperate attempts by its supporters to shore up ObamaCare alone could bring it down. Especially when they are under the gun of the 2014 elections. Adversaries smelling blood could put out a series of bills aimed at neutering the laws effects but that in effect will tear the heart out of the beast. Bills that could prove too popular to oppose.

None of this is just wishful thinking but merely based on the statements of experts and even ObamaCare’s authors. The unfolding disaster of ObamaCare makes the dream of getting rid of it no longer an unrealistic one. For those that fear what it will do to America there is hope. A flickering light in the tunnel of despair where before there was none.

“The Conservative Mind”

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