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Despite their self-hyped reputation, the history of Liberals when it comes to issues of race is abominable. From segregating government and opposition to  anti-lynching laws, to the more modern push to make them slaves to government handouts, liberals have constantly sought ways to control minorities.

This is not to suggest progressive liberals have not evolved in the approach to minorities, they have. Where the early progressive liberal agenda was one of control through the blatant use of force, the modern liberal uses a softer more sophisticated approach. Welfare payments and privileges are what is peddled today, with the help of race hustlers from within the communities. Trojan horse gifts that spread destruction and dependency to whom they are given. Those that they could not subdue they have managed to make pawns in their political game. A game that traps them in poverty, foments hopelessness, and makes them reliant on Democratic party sponsored handouts.

One liberal scheme hatched during the Clinton administration meant to advance their minority agenda was aimed directly at black farmers. These were people overlooked by many of the earlier inner-city directed programs. The Pigford scandal, as it has become known, was first uncovered by Breitbart, Mr. Relentless hired an investigator to look into the program after tips about it came his way. What he found was a program as disturbing as any liberals had used in the inner-city.

Pigford was a politically driven scandal started under President Clinton and given new life under President Obama. When a group of black farmers sued the USDA for alleged discrimination in its agricultural loan program, the Clinton administration saw an opportunity and seized on it. A program was started to “compensate” black farmers. The fact that no ongoing discrimination was ever proved, and in fact two separate investigations concluded it did not exist, didn’t matter. Rural minorities had been missed by earlier liberal dragnets and this was an opportunity to correct that. A gravy train that would eventually include Hispanics, women and even Native Americans thrown in for good measure.

The program got little attention at first and languished under Bush, who was content to let it die on the vine. When Barack Obama became President he revived and greatly expanded it. Under Barack, some areas would received as much as 4 times as many farm discrimination payouts than they had farmers. We are not talking just millions or tens of millions but possibly billions of dollars of taxpayer money fraudulently handed out as thinly disguised political payoffs. Fraud that happen not as a result of a loosely controlled program like the Katrina debit cards, but with the backing and collusion of those administering it. Loan processor names were even forged on made up denied loan applications to qualify people for $50,000 handout checks. Any and all attempts to reign in abuse was resisted vigorously by the Obama administration.

Some of the original claimants are sick about how things have turned out. Most of them truly believed they were being discriminated against and years ago they probably had been. It does not matter, the program they inspired was about buying political clout not justice. With President Obama, there was also other factors to be considered including slave era reparations and wealth redistribution. Something that would of made his former spiritual mentor Reverend Wright proud.

Pigford is just the latest in a long line of liberal catastrophes. Welfare expansion stopped the steady progression of blacks economically in the U.S. dead in its tracks. Affirmative action gave a leg up to those that did not need it while making escaping poverty even harder for poor minorities. Opposition to school choice and even charter schools has meant many poor children are stuck going to failing schools. Unwillingness to truly address the crisis they caused of disintegrating black families has resulted in generations of lost children. Children who now fill the streets with blood.

The present strategy used by liberals was conceived in America’s Deep South. Liberal Democrat farm owners used share cropping as a way to keep the poor reliant on them and their farms profitable. Dependency proved to be as effective as slavery, in some respects, in holding the downtrodden under foot. That is a lesson that was not lost on modern liberals. Making as many people as possible sharecroppers on a government plantation has been at the core of Democratic Party political strategy since the sixties. Unfortunately, Pigford is not an aberration but symbolic of a pattern. A pattern of amoral behavior aimed at gaining political power at any cost.

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