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Democracy: a world where political elites rule and public opinion counts little. That might seem like an odd definition for what many consider the cornerstone of the western world. The fact is a world is either ruled by time tested principles or it is ruled by the passions of men, there is no middle ground. A substantial constitution is meant to hold in check the passions of the people and the ambitions of their rulers. Similarly, respect for tradition and societal conventions that form the fabric of society are all that sits between civilization and chaos. It is when societies are allowed to bend to elitist demagoguery that they soon find themselves broken and thrown on history’s scrap pile. Demagoguery may be the life’s blood of politics but it is the bane of the Rule of Law and a knife to the heart of society, left unchecked it destroys a community from the inside.

These truths have been on display in the U.S and now in France.  Same sex marriage demagogues are pushing their agenda without bothering to weigh the ramifications of their actions. Never do same sex marriage supporters bother to ask what next. If marriage of two men is made legitimate what keeps it from being expanded to a man and two women, two women and three men or a father and son? What are now the legitimate boundaries of a societal convention based on millennia of human experience? What function is it to serve if it no longer the means by which children are given roots and society foundation? The fact is the answer to all these questions is none or nothing.

For the liberal elites the nuclear family if thought about at all it is as an outdated convention in need of replacement. In their mind it is the “collective” (as one MSNBC host put it) that is the proper caretaker of children, not parents. Parents are nothing more than disposable relics of a past best swept aside to these self appointed captains of progress. Child rearing is the “community’s” job. This is nothing more than the next logical step in their “It Takes a Village” mentality. A step towards sweeping aside the roadblocks to molding society to their hearts desire, the chief of which is the nuclear family itself.

The pattern is unmistakable, liberal elites are intent on reducing traditional marriage and parenting to quaint customs of days gone by. The same people seem to think that children’s needs should be subservient to adult desires. It does not even matter to them who the caretakers of the “collective’s” children are, all in the end are wards of the state anyways. An imbecilic viewpoint of those whose souls have long ago rotted out of their now empty hulks of human flesh. Any society who robs children of home and parents of rights is one generation from extinction.

Children are the most important resource any community has. For them to grow up to be healthy adults they need more that clothes, food and shelter. Children need roots, love and family. These truths are backed up by centuries of evidence with whole psychological texts dedicated to the effects of family on child development. The main commonality of gang members and killers is the lack of parental involvement growing up. Abstract ideas like the state or a collective are no substitute for a mother’s touch or a father’s guidance. Neither are two mothers or two fathers capable of being something they are not.

What happened in France and some states in the U.S. is little more than elitism gone amok. An arrogant agenda driven by selling false ideas to the ignorant to the detriment of us all. The French politicians seemed bent on dragging their constituents kicking and screaming into the future as they see it. In scene reminiscent of American Liberals passage of ObamaCare to the sound of protesters outside the congressional doors the French Parliament expanded the farce of same sex marriage to France. The law now allows homosexual partners to pretend they are opposite sex parents and adopt children. A move everyone knows puts the desires of adults above the welfare of children.

There is little more that can be said except it seems those that are predicting the collapse of western civilization have come a little closer to being correct.

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