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Watergate is permanently ingrained on the American psyche. The elongated House hearings and the the picture of a President flying away in disgrace was a painful episode in American history.

The actions of rogue Nixon supporters started it all, breaking into the Democratic National Committee offices apparently looking for dirt. They did not find any but did take some cash which they gave to the campaign. An apparent attempt to throw off police by making it look like a robbery. Nixon when he found out tried to keep a tight lid on the event but it was too late. The cash had been recorded and the bills were tracked down to the Nixon campaign. Nixon himself had nothing to do with the initial crime but his abuse of power in covering it up was apparent to all. The President resigned in disgrace sparing the country an impeachment trial he was sure to lose.

Time changes and so did the media. A couple of decades later another President was impeached for similarly abusing his power in a cover up. This time the President, Bill Clinton, did so to cover up his own affair. Although found guilty in a House impeachment trial the Senate, controlled by the President’s party, refused to render punishment. The same the media that howled at Nixon’s pardon now applauded forgiving Clinton.

When a private campaign meeting in Mitch McConnell’s office was illegally taped and the some of the content made public a federal crime was committed. The initial response from the media and the Democrats was to make excuses and attack McConnell, that was until a fellow Democrat ratted out one of the perpetrators.

What is missing from all of this is any journalist curiosity. A high ranking Senators private conference was bugged and no one seems to want to know any details? While it is true the FBI is investigating the matter the press is not. The Democrats that did the bugging are being labeled rogues with no connections to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or the White House. This despite the main suspect has met with top officials at the White House and has worked with the DNC.

Shawn Reilly is the man being called both a suspect and a witness at this point. Brad Woodhouse, the head of the DNC, claimed on Fox News to never of heard of Reilly. A man that was a DNC delegate, served on high level party post, once helped run a Woodhouse directed anti-Iraq war group and met with officials at the White House apparently did all of that with complete anonymity. A storyline that would seem to stretch the bounds of credibility but is accepted hook, line and sinker by the main stream press.

Although there is no evidence Obama did anything wrong the fact the Democrats and the White House are being less then forthright is obvious. There might not be any smoke that would signal White House involvement but there is a smelly residue. If President’s name had a ‘R’ imprinted after it the media would likely be turning over rocks and meeting shady figures in back alleys to get to the truth. In this case no such actions are likely.

The fact is the American media today is mostly an unofficial wing of the Democratic party. When former Clinton top gun Sandy Berger hijacked classified documents from the National Archives in his pants and socks after 9/11 the press declared him a sloppy clown. That the documents were shredded and later found to be one of kinds with no back up was not troubling to them in the least nor were they curious what was on the papers in question. Suspicions that it was proof of what the Sudanese have claimed, that Clinton was offered Bin Laden and passed on it, have to remain such. (Something Clinton before 9/11 alluded to but afterwards denied) If this is how they treated the theft of top secret documents from federal property by a top Democrat how can they be trusted to investigate a mere bugging of a Senators quarters?

This incident might be just some bad apples taking advantage of an opportunity but the level of dishonesty by those who should have nothing to hide is screaming for someone to look deeper. While there is no evidence of presidential or even party directed wrong doing at this point, one can be rest assured that if any surfaces it will likely not come form the Washington Post or New York Times. If it is revealed at all it will be via the alternative media by one of the million citizen journalist for whom the truth still means something.

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