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Many in the world do not understand the history of gun ownership in America. In many ways the United States is a country unlike any other, one founded on the idea that governments, all governments, cannot be fully trusted. Long before Lord Acton said power corrupts his axiom had been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The founders accordingly believed that only a government that feared the people could be trusted to lead them. As George Washington put it, government is “like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Keeping the fire under control was the object of the system of checks and balances found in the constitution. If this failed to hold back the tides of tyranny the Declaration of Independence says it was the right and duty of the people to throw off the government and form a new one. Thus was the thinking behind the second amendment, it was in essence making sure the people had the tools to be the final check on a governmental power.

The fact that people had the right to defend themselves was hardly given an after thought, not because the founders thought it unimportant but because it was considered an obvious self-evident truth. Today as the innocent are disarmed and made ripe for the plucking this self-evident truth is under fire. For liberals the spilling of innocent blood is merely an opportunity to call for the disarmament of potential victims. Guns are the evil in their minds and the perpetrators of violence as much victims as the people they kill. Accordingly their attempts at gun control knows no bounds.

Liberal politicians including the President are more than willing to use grieving parents and traumatized children as props to advance their agenda. Their speeches too are often filled with false statistics and ignorant statements about guns. Never do they seem to really care whether what they are proposing actual solutions or just window dressing for further tragedy. Unfortunately their actions are more of the second than the first. Something that was highlighted in a recent poll of Law Enforcement. Despite what the liberals would have people believe those on the front lines have a very different view of gun control than they.

  • 96% felt reducing magazine capacity would have no impact on violent crime, 2.7% said it would
  • 91% Support a regulated system of concealed carry permits
  • 85% said the legislation being proposed in Washington would either have a negative or no impact on violence. Only 3% thought it would make a significant impact.
  • 88% replied no or unsure to the question if banning non-dealer gun sales would help.
  • 81% thought an assault weapons ban would have a negative or no impact on violence, only 1.6% believed it would make a substantial impact.
  • 77% do not support a national database for tracking weapons sales.
  • 75% of of American law enforcement think an armed citizenry is an important factor in reducing violent crime

These statistics are backed up by Sheriffs across the country stating openly that they will not enforce the laws being fashioned in Washington. In Colorado many are even taking the new laws there to court. They know that what is being done in the name of safety will in the end result in anything but. For them it is not the armed citizen they fear but the 1 or 2% of the population that does 99% of the crimes. People who mostly use stolen weapons and could care less about background checks (less than 2% of weapons used in crimes come from gun shows).

In truth police and the American populous both see the decline in the nuclear family and parental involvement as main cause of violent crime. A moral breakdown that has been predicated on the spread of liberal ideas.

The reality is that morality and fear are the only things that hold back the dark side of human nature. If one subsides the other must make up the difference if the trappings of a civilized world are to be maintained. As long as the vast majority of a people remain essentially moral it is essential for freedom’s sake they be allowed the means of defense. This is the only way to keep the wolves of humanity at bay. The police at best are a back up and all too often a clean up crew for after the crime has already happened. Criminals for their part attack the unwary and hunt for easy prey, the fewer of these there are the fewer of them there can be.

“The Conservative Mind”

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