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In the 1970’s the world was adrift in a socialist fog. Governments and economies were much as they are today, without direction and seemingly without hope. In America the Democrats under Carter were encouraging people to lower expectations, to put on a sweater and quit complaining that it was too expensive to heat a home. In Europe government expansion seemed unstoppable. The socialist juggernaut was mowing down all in its way and decimating economies along the way. Into the breech came forth two formidable leaders of which no one has since equaled.

In America Ronald Reagan picked up the tarnished star of American exceptionalism and lifted it high. He inherited an economy as decimated as President Obama encountered with out of control inflation and a military slowly giving way to Soviet Dominance. What he left was an economy in the midst of the longest period of peacetime growth in history, nearly non-existent inflation was banished and the Soviet Union was about to fade into history. Through it all he had one great international partner with whom he saw eye to eye.

Lady Margaret Thatcher was to Great Britain what Reagan was to the U.S.  She took a downtrodden economy brought it back to life and took a downtrodden British people and reminded them what it meant to be British. Tossing aside the bonds of continental socialism she righted the ship of state and set it back on it rightful course. The Iron Lady, as she was called, did it all with a style and wit all her own.

Today she took her final bow, honestly being able to say she left this world a little better off for being in it. As those from Britain’s Labour party relish in the demise of their vanquished foe as those of the left are ought to do it is good to remember all she stood for. For those not so familiar with Margaret Thatcher it is best to get to know her by hearing her own words.

Thatcher’s Free Society Speech

Thatcher on Taxes

Thatcher on Widening Income Gaps

Thatcher on the Euro

Thatcher Calls Herself the Iron Lady

Thatcher Calls the French and Continental Europeans as She sees Them

Lady Margaret Thatcher’s Eulogy of Reagan

I am sure heaven’s trumpets sounded for you this day Lady Thatcher, Rest in Peace

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