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When Sarah Palin left Fox News it was heralded by the left as her exit from the world stage. Her final bow. Stories were written about why Fox News did not renew her contract and how she was a has been. The epitaphs and stories look to be both wrong.

Sarah Palin, despite many stories to the contrary, was never fired from Fox. She was offered a contract renewal and turned it down. The unconfirmed back story is that Fox wanted her but was still furious she had announced her intentions not to run for president on another network. The new contract made stipulations on what kind of things she was allowed to do with other networks, something that created an impasse that neither party could find a way around.

As far as the woman who helped put a conservative woman in the South Carolina Governorship and Senator Cruz in Washington, she seemed far from washed up at the CPAC conference. In fact she seemed to have developed into what might best be described as Sarah 3.0

Sarah started out in 2008 as a bright promising star who was totally unprepared for the media shark pit she was thrown into. She then entered into a period when she seemed wobbly, sometimes on her game other times not. She was great at last years CPAC and has done well as a king and queen maker. Often moving candidates from obscurity to contenders on her endorsement alone. Other times she seemed distant and even bitter, things no fair person could blame her for. There was something different about her at this year’s CPAC, something that spoke of someone who had found their stride. At CPAC 2013 she was on target and on her game in a way not seen since her acceptance speech in 2008. A rallying cry that was not just fluff and cliche’s but also included substance and on target skewers of both Obama and the Republican establishment. It seemed like a wiser more worldly Sarah Palin that took the stage Sunday night, one that oozed confidence and was clear what she stood for.

Does all this mean that the girl from Wasilla is about to claw her way back to the woman who drew bigger crowds than Obama? Probably not, but only time will tell. What the Speech does show is that Sarah Palin is not going away. She will continue to be a thorn in the side the Washington establishment on both sides of the aisle. A stone thrower and a visionary. Something the country needs a few more of these days.

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