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On the playgrounds of the world a familiar antic is being played out. Somewhere there are children poking fun at those willing to try something new. Whether it is doing a handstand, a cartwheel or even solving a riddle, the child that tries is often poked fun of for making the attempt. Of course almost all of those having a laugh at the gallant try to do something new would be no more successful at doing the task themselves. Such is the world of ten year olds.

While this type of behavior is to be expected in adolescents it is far below what we expect of adults. That is unless the adults in question are politicians, this is especially true of the Democrats in power today. Whether the task at hand is solving the problems of Social Security and Medicare or creating a workable budget, the Democrats would rather poke fun at Republican solutions than offer any of their own. Something that has been aided in no small part by their compatriots in the media. A group who has often not seen fit to hold men to account for childish antics but never passes on a chance to join in the fun of tearing down those who are acting as adults.

The Democratic Senate is a case in point, it has not produced a budget in years nor has its leadership ever passed on a chance to criticize the budgets of the House. The President for his part is required to put out a budget by the constitution but he has never bothered to put a serious one on the table. His budgets, such as they are, have been squashed by his own party (no doubt by prearrangement). The House Republicans on the other hand have produced several, all to resounding laughter and scorn by Democrats. This behavior is not just limited to budgets but to every real issue facing America.

Paul Ryan was widely trounced for daring to tackle Medicare. Social Security reform is usually attacked as soon as it is mentioned let alone when actual legislation is put forward. Then there is the deficit, any talk of truly dealing with spending is like suggesting the government should infect the homeless with chickenpox. All is done without a serious alternative in sight, childish antics from those apparently not bright enough to compete with ideas of their own.

This is not to say all the ideas of Republicans are good ones, just that at least they are putting something out there. If they are guilty of something it is letting the Democrats get away with their childish games for so long. With the Sequester in the rear view mirror and the latest budget deadline straight ahead, it is time for Republicans to call the political bullies out. President Obama, who has still not produced the budget he is required by law to supply, needs to put up or shut up. It is also high time the Senate Democrats do more than give lip service to the nations problems.

The United States cannot afford in these times to continue to have half its elected leaders acting like children. The Republicans for their part might finally have some momentum if they are willing to use it. The Sequester, the President’s poison pill, has blown up in his face. The demagoguery and his false claims of impending doom are proving to be false. Even with emails telling agencies to make cuts hurt and himself suspending White House tours (something shown to not save a dime) the public is seems to be seeing his antics for what they are. His approval rating is dropping giving Republicans a chance to force their foes to do more than chant slogans. This is reflected in that for the first time since 2009 the Senate Democrats have agreed to put out a Budget of their own. The next couple of weeks will show if this time the Democrats are serious or if it is just more playground games.

The undeniable truth is that country is in trouble and the challenges it faces have never been more daunting. It needs real solutions to real problems, not childish politics. It is time to leave the taunting and bully tactics to children and for the adults to have some serious discussions, if they are able.

“The Conservative Mind”

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