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King Obama III

President Obama Lamented some months ago that he was not a king. Something he would do good to remind himself of daily.

President Obama has long skirted both sides of the edges of Presidential power. His issuing of Executive Orders to avoid dealing with the messy process of congressional approval has become legendary as has his bully tactics. In fact no President of recent memory has flouted extra constitutional power to the extent this president has.

When he decided to amend the No Child Left Behind Act he did so not by introducing new legislation but by presidential fiat. When Congress refused to accept his dream act he did his own defacto implementation by forbidding illegal student deportation. Similarly he has used the EPA to enforce greenhouse legislation that he could not get through congress. In fact the President has skirted congress on a whole host of issues from healthcare to the defense of marriage in the name of expediency, one could say imperial expediency.

The President is also well known for his bullying of congressman and media adversaries alike. From his open and unfounded criticisms of the Supreme Court to the reporters and news organizations that cover him he has never been slow to attack his critics. Fox News has repeatedly been the focus of his scorn but so have individual reporters and magazines. Democrat Lanny Davis talked about a call his editor received after Lanny published an article critical of the President. The President’s staff reportedly threaten the publication would risk having its White House credentials if it continued to run Lanny’s columns. Than there is the recent flap over Bob Woodward. The administration apparently did not like the fact Bob pointed out the President’s moving the goal posts during negotiations or that Obama had lied about the origin of the Sequester. These people may be some of the more famous names bullied by President Obama but not nearly all. He has also routinely denied access to press briefings to those whose reporters he has deemed unhelpful to his cause and had calls made to editors publishing things he does not like. Even the ultra liberal Helen Thomas complained before she retired that “Not even Nixon tried to control the media like Obama.” For this president, those who don’t willingly bow to his wishes should be forced to bend to them.

The President has, by all accounts, an enemies list that would make Richard Nixon blush. People for whom no effort is to be spared to remove them from positions of power and/or destroy their reputations. Dumpster diving private investigators, anonymous tips and Super Pacs stuffed with nearly untraceable cash have been enlisted in the cause. Now unfettered from the need to worry about re-election, he is concentrating money and energy on taking down all who oppose him. As if in coordination, his supporters are calling for hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on Republicans, something that DNC was doing against Romney donors in the last election. (digging up dirt on opponents is as old as Politics itself but the trend under Obama to go after supporters and donors is a new low)

Going from political hit list to a real one, there is the President’s killing by remote control. The killing of terrorist operatives, suspected operatives and even those that could be operatives has become the thing of legends. By all accounts the president has a deck of death, a stack of cards with names and pictures of those that can be killed by drones. For the unlucky soul whose card is drawn the countdown to death begins. No need to be a high level member of Al Qaeda to get your name on a card, just be easy to kill. As already mentioned on a earlier post (found here) he has already targeted and killed one innocent American. Then there are the hundreds killed because they just happened to be in the vicinity when the President’s death by remote control is initiated. At least the the parents and relatives of Obama’s collateral damage can take solace in this; that their loved ones died so the administration could eliminate a “suspected” low level terrorist operative or two bit courier. In fact, most of those that have been killed were people “suspected” of being lower level terrorist organization members. Suspected being the key word, by the administration’s own admission it needs no hard evidence before ordering its “death by drone” missile strikes.

Another famous leader went down a similar path. Hijacking the legislature and trodding on the country’s constitution, he wielded power beyond what he had the legal right to. Furthermore he showed total disregard for those living across the ocean, deeming their lives and rights less valuable than those in the land of his birth. King George III’s actions set in motion events that would see a new country born abroad (the United States) and reforms at home that would turn the English Monarchs into figure heads with no real power.

President Obama for his part has forgotten that the U.S. is a country designed to be ruled by laws administered through men under a system of checks and balances. A system meant to ensure liberty is protected against the rashness of those with more vision than virtue. Unfortunately he has increasingly seen fit to ignore the checks on his power and openly despising anything that limits his agenda. Actions often met with applause from his adoring media.

“The Conservative Mind”

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