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Kick the Can

There was a time when children played baseball in side streets with wood slates and rocks, games of cowboys and Indians were fought with guns made of sticks and kicking a can was as good as soccer. Innocent times, poor times but also a safe times when neighborhoods were a form of extended family. Those times are long gone, all except it seems for the game of kick the can. The difference now is the kickers are adults and the can is the problems they have been tasked to solve. (Problems they also happen to have created)

In the United States congressional Democrats, with a little help from some Republicans, showed how the game is played. They outwitted and outplayed their opposition masterfully; in the end they not only kicked the can down the road but kicked Republican can to boot. A grand show of political gamesmanship that will end up costing the American people dearly in the end. Maybe it would be better to described the fiasco as a Democratic Party sting operation that played the American people for patsies and the Republicans for fools.

Sadly most Americans do not even realize how bad they have been betrayed and likely won’t until it is too late. Living in a MSM bubble and spoon fed what they want them to hear they have no clue to what transpired.

The fact is taxes are going up on nearly all of us, just some more than others. The pork laden atrocity passed by congress raises taxes by 620 billion and spending by 330 billion. Now if you are a Puerto Rican Rum company or make electric motorcycles you are in luck, there is money in this bill for you. Even NASCAR has their hands in this pork barrel. The only thing not in this bill is any serious spending cuts. In fact in an age of trillion plus dollar deficits and a debt that is heading towards 17 trillion the bill contains “cuts” of 15 billion with only a billion slated for this fiscal year. The equivalent of offering 2 cents to a waitress for a hundred dollar bar tab.

As previously pointed out, the real threat to this country was not a fiscal ditch that might disrupt a nearly nonexistent recovery. The real threat is the debt wall that is fast approaching. (That and the Federal Reserve money pit that may be located just before or after the wall) Sooner or later the faith of the world that the U.S. can repay its debt will start to falter if the deficits are not stopped. If that happens the collapse of the U.S. monetary system will soon follow. Something even now credit agencies and world governments are warning could be not that far away!

Obama and the Democrats for their parts seem to want the country to hit the wall. One might think that over-the-top but the truth is that for all their rhetoric to the contrary their actions keep making it harder and harder to miss it. One thing for certain the 4 trillion they just added to the debt is going to help, the fact is it might just end up being the fatal blow.

For those that want to point to what appears to be a small net increase in revenue there are some facts to be aware of. Tax increases never create the revenue they are projected to. As rates go up so does avoidance, that and the fact the projections never take into account the negative economic impact of higher taxes makes them inevitably wrong. The second is that these taxes correspond with the ObamaCare taxes that when combined with the new taxes will force many people out of business. In all likelihood the revenue will be some fraction of what is projected and future cost estimates low, eliminating any supposed gains for the government.

The next chance to add sanity to the situation is coming up with the negotiations for the debt ceiling increase. A last chance to slow the advance towards fiscal suicide this year and maybe at all. Another opportunity to try to deal with entitlements and prevent disaster. Unfortunately the only ones that have any chance of getting anything done is the same House Republicans that just got their clocks cleaned by President Obama and the Democrats. A fight attuned to a contest between Don Rickles and Bruce Lee.

“The Conservative Mind”

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