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There is an old story about two wolves often attributed to native Americans. The story goes that a grandfather was telling his grandson that in every man there are two wolves. One representing greed, hate, anger and all that is evil within him, the other joy, love and all that is good. Throughout a man’s life the two wolves circle each other and fight to see who will get the upper hand. The boy seeking his grandfather’s wisdom asks which one will win? The one you feed was his reply. The real question the Sandy Hook tragedy should make us all ask is which one has modern society been feeding?

The truth is evil rests in the hearts of all mankind. If modern societies have seen any respite from this wretched state it was due to the foundations they decided to build themselves on; stone by carefully chosen stone. Stones with names like the Rule of Law, care for ones neighbor, respect for private property, right of conscious and individual responsibility. Stones glued with the mortar of strong families mixed from ingredients like a tolerant religion, strong traditions and most of all the immeasurable value of children. Is it any wonder that as these time honored foundations have come under attack society seems to be turning on itself?

Unfortunately all that has given America its strength has been under constant assault by those who do not recognize its value. People who Bandies called “men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.” In a rush they throw aside the tried and proven to create their view of Utopia. With hammer and chisel in hand they try to carve out of the old society a new one that only exists in the dreams of philosophers and fools. So intent are they on creating this Utopian vision that they are totally oblivious to the carnage they cause.

The evil that visited Newtown and took the lives of so many innocents is unfortunately no aberration, its kind has been seen all too often. The liberal press for its part is decrying the weapons used and the perpetrators mental health. Never occurring to them that children of broken/single parent homes are five times as likely to suffer mental illness than those from traditional nuclear families. That he grew up in society that sees character and morals as religious tenants with no place in public schools. Nor does, according to them, the tripe fed his brain by Hollywood, television and other liberal dominated forms of entertainment factor into his willingness to kill.

American society is in crisis and the left does not even seem to notice. Our teens are cutting themselves, seeking out danger, joining subcultures, and seeking escape in sex, drugs and violent video games. Torn away from that which gave them security and meaning they are filling the void by feeding the dark wolf that lurks in us all. A situation not wholly separated from the epidemic of broken marriages and out of wedlock births the liberalization of society has spawned.

The liberals for their part ignore the real reasons such evil is on the increase. They instead blame objects; things for which no motive or reason can be attributed. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that about the same time the horror was taking place in that harbor of hopes and dreams in Newtown a similar attack was done by a knife in China. Forgetting that the worst school attack in U.S. history was done via a bomb. If history shows us anything it is that evil will find a way, the method it chooses is irrelevant. Society can only minimizing the number of hearts in which such evil has a chance to incubate, trying to control it by eliminating its tools is a fools errand.

The fact is generations grew up playing cops and robbers with a cap or BB gun wished for under the tree. Small game hunting was a right of passage for many and guns something taken for granted. The games taught the children that it was best to be the good guy and protecting the innocent and helpless was part of being an adult. Things that books, school and even the movies reinforced. Most also went to church and learned the golden rule. And, even though guns were part of life more than then now senseless killing was not.

Today the masked hero of the movies does not necessarily stand up for the innocent, he just as likely to kill without mercy in celebration of blind vengeance. Cops and robbers has been replaced by killing for points on all to real video screens. It is also not uncommon for the liberal media to make soccer mom’s the butt of jokes and venerate single parents. In their world it seems having both a mom and dad is as optional as choosing a flavor of ice cream. After all, to them all children need is proper daycare and a village to turn out okay (and apparently access to proper mental healthcare). The truth be told there is no mystery as to why the mass shootings are taking place. Unfortunately there is also little doubt that there will be more.*

“The Conservative Mind”

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*In this topsy-turvy world the only proven defense against this onslaught is armed defense. It is no coincidence that mass killings take place in gun free zones.  Even the Batman shooter went several miles out of his way and past several other theaters to find one where guns were banned. In the most comprehensive study of its kind, Professors Lott and Mustard** found gun bans increased crime and murder rates. Apparently criminals prefer their victims unarmed, as, so it seems, do liberals. 

**Lott”s book “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws” can be purchased here. The study by Mustard and Lott can be downloaded here.

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