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Every time there is tragedy involving a firearm the knee jerk reaction of the liberal establishment is to renew their call to ban guns. A simplistic reaction by those for whom delving too deeply into the question of why is too uncomfortable to contemplate. The truth is violent crime has always been around. It is an unfortunate by-product of the fact that societies are made up of human beings. Despite what liberals like to think, human beings are not evolving beyond their nature. A nature that can be blunted by certain cultural devices but never eliminated. That leads to another fact inconvenient to the liberal mind, laws alone do not keep a society tranquil.

History is the guide to what keeps a society a peaceful one. What it shows is the greatest reductions in human depravity have happened not due to increases in law enforcement or disarming the law abiding. When Pagan Rome was replaced by Christendom the spectacle of death for entertainment was abolished. When Protestantism spread across Northern Europe so did literacy, enlightenment and desires for religious toleration. None of this events changed the world overnight, it took time to integrate these changes into the society and for them to have effect. But, take effect they did. The conduit through which these waters of change flowed were families.

Families provide the foundation from which children propel themselves into adulthood. It is within the confines of the family unit that ethics are developed, roots and belonging fostered, and respect for others taught. When this is done successfully all of society is tempered by its civilizing effect. It was not guns that tamed the American West, it was the desire of parents for a stable and safe environment for their children to grow up in. Neither was it grand ideas and industry alone that gave rise to the nation, but handshake contracts and peaceful communities as well. Things made possible by parents whose religion inspired them to teach their children that living ethically and morally was as important as eating and sleeping.

Today the religious basis of toleration and charity within the American culture is buckling under a relentless liberal assault. Even families themselves are being diminished, redefined and torn apart. It is no coincidence that where family life and old ties to tolerant religion are most endangered, violence is at its highest. The human spirit is one that must be harnessed to these devices of restraint if its more barbaric nature is to be kept in check. In lieu of internal restraints society is left with only brute force to control man’s baser nature.

When people wax nostalgic for times when doors were left unlocked, children played in the street unmolested and communities lived up to the name, what is forgotten is why those times are mostly gone. Before the Great Society and the liberal takeover of the school system even the slums were relatively safe. Residents of Harlem and Hoboken were equally at ease walking after dark. Today the peace of that time period is just one of the victims sacrificed on the liberal progressive altar.

Today as gang-bangers seek family in peer groups for whom violence and greed is a religion, and the unbroken home is becoming an anomaly; the root of it all is being ignored. When a thug kills some helpless human being more often than not it is the gun that is blamed, as if the finger on the trigger was an appendage attached to the weapon’s steel and not to a man for whom life held no meaning.

Objects do not kill, people do. Unfortunately, we now live in a society where people devoid of purpose or love for their fellow man often roam the streets. Theirs is a world where force must be countered or submitted to. For the gun control lobbies and liberals like Bob Costas, facts like this do not matter. They see the removal of the means of self-defense from the hands of the innocent and helpless as the answer to the senseless violence liberal policies have spawned. The fact that gun crimes increase as societies become disarmed is lost on them. It seems the real root of the violence is something to be ignored by those for whom the mirror is an uncomfortable place to look.

“The Conservative Mind”

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