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The last couple of weeks have been more telling than most when it comes to America’s changing position in the world. As missiles rained down on Israel America it appears might of been selling its soul behind the scenes, or more appropriately President Obama was selling it for her. Unfortunately it was all nothing new. Whether by design (which many believe) or just his amateurish naive policies the fact is that under Obama the U.S. has been being slowly diminished. The latest events seem to be a case in point.

An Inconvenient Time Line

  • November 14th Hamas starts attacking Israel with hundreds of rockets
  • November 15th President Morsi of Egypt calls Israel retaliation reprehensible and recalls Egypt’s ambassador to Israel.
  • November 16th Egyptian Prime Minister Qandil visits Gaza to show support for Hamas
  • November 16th After talking to President Obama Morsi changes course from a war cheerleader to peace seeker
  • Noemberr 19th President Obama calls Morsi repeatedly
  • November 20th Hamas agrees to stop firing missiles
  • November 22nd President Obama praises Morsi
  • November 22nd President Morsi announces he granting himself sweeping new powers making the newly elected leader a virtual dictator, White House mum.
  • November 26th President Obama still refusing to denounce Morsi’s power grab.
  • Present: Excuses but no condemnation of Morsi

There are two possible explanations for President Obama’s silence on Morsi’s power grab. Either the President does not want to offend him in case he needs Morsi to broker another deal or his silence is part of a tit for tat common in the backrooms of diplomatic deal making. In the end it does not matter for in either case Morsi has President Obama over the proverbial barrel.

The President’s silence is just one more brush stroke in the tapestry he called his reset of relations with the Islamic nations and the world, a reset that has been an unqualified success in all the wrong ways. As one of his first acts Obama went on a Middle East tour that culminated in his Cairo “New Beginning” speech to the Muslim world. He soon after offered an olive branch to Iran and apologies to countries of Europe on America’s behalf. U.S. policy has ever since been a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hodge-podge set of unpredictable reactions to events, especially when those events are in Islamic nations.

When the students of Iran were dying in the streets of Tehran protesting the elections and pleading for more freedom Obama’s response was silence. On the other hand when people took to the streets in Egypt he readily turned his back on one of America’s staunchest allies in the region. Then there is Libya, he was one of the last to speak out on events there and then famously led from behind a coalition European powers seeking Gaddafi’s removal. In Syria the administration has mostly been AWOL, refusing to even condemn massacres by Assad until many months into the conflict. Now with his silence on Morsi’s power grab, moderate and radical Muslims alike must be scratching their heads trying to figure this President out.

The truth is the president’s Middle East strategy is emblematic of policies that have left America’s influence in the world in shambles. Once upon a time those who suffered from oppression could rely on the fact America was the one nation who would defend their cause. Now those who seek freedom are given support if and only if Obama decides to do so; the basis upon which he makes such decisions is a mystery to all (maybe even himself). After the betrayal of Poland and the Czech Republic the world learned the U.S. is a friend no ally can trust. Russia, China and even Iran see Obama’s U.S. as a paper tiger they can shred at their convenience.

President Obama’s foreign policy was hallmarked in his first administration for its bowing and apologies. His next one looks to be one that is flexible with Russia, silent on China, complacent with Iran and willing to bend over for radical Islam. His latest foray against Iran is a case in point. As Iran seems to be within months of getting enough plutonium to make a bomb the administration response is to threaten to take them before the U.N if they do not stop within months!

Respect for the United States is at an all time low, something that if not apparent to many it should be. Those who use to try to curry favor with the U.S. now ignore her and opposition that use to go on behind closed doors is now in the open. In U.N. the world lined up against the United States and voted to recognize Palestinian statehood, even those that would have abstained from such a vote in the past so no need to do so now. Such is Obama’s world, a place where the U.S. is neither trusted by its allies nor respected by its foes. Welcome to the Declining States of America.

“The Conservative Mind”

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