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Today (Friday, November 16, 2012) former General Patraeus did what he apparently could not do when he was director of the CIA, let the world know the Obama administration was lying about Benghazi. What was clear from the start, that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, was denied by the White House for purely political reasons. The CIA was used as cover for the cover up with both the President and Vice President stating that intelligence from the CIA showed it was not clear that Benghazi was terrorism until nearly two weeks later. If that was so the President should have called for a major shakeup at the renowned intelligence agency. Thanks to some welcome if not belated candor from Patraeus we now know the truth.

General Patraeus stated under oath and out from the administrations control that the Agency knew from the start it was a terrorist attack and had said so in writing to the President. He also stated that that report was rewritten before it was circulated to omit this critical piece of information. Like Nixon’s secretary “accidently” erasing critical parts of meetings, this stinks of attempted cover up.

It appears Obama from the beginning did not want the world and most importantly the electorate to know Al Qaeda was not down and out. Maybe he thought he needed to be able to continue to spike the Osama killing to get reelected or wanted to keep national security off the election day burner. Whatever the logic behind the move, it was a sloppy and amateurish stunt that involved lying on a grand scale. Not to be lost is the incident itself that saw people die due to the negligence of their superiors. Even today the words of a DS agent involved in the investigation still ring in this author’s ears. When asked what happened he simply said “it should never have happened.”

The fact is Benghazi and what happened before and after do matter. The ignoring of pleas for more security and the lies that tried to cover up what really happened both show something very troubling. They show an administration bent on emphasizing style and perceptions over substance and reality. They also reveal a lack of character that seems to go to its very core. A White House like Nixon’s before that cannot be trusted, whose every word has to be held suspect.

The Benghazi episode is tragedy for the nation. Like in all tragedies it has had its supporting cast:

·         Mrs. Clinton who at times ignored her own State Department to support the administrations lies.

·         Ambassador Susan Rice who repeatedly lied at the direction of the President to the American people

·         Those in the media who pushed the story to the back page or did not report on it nearly at all and whose actions enabled the farce to continue as long as it did

·         General Patraeus who waited until after the election to come clean about his own failings and for supporting the lies while in the Presidents employ

·         And of course the Vice President, the President’s cabinet and the rest of the administration who explicitly or implicitly supported the White House’s official line

In the coming days the Democrats will likely circle the wagons around the President and the Democrat talking heads in the media will decry it all as nothing; people that long ago sold their souls to the liberal agenda and would sell their mothers down the river if it would help their cause. Unfortunately for them the truth is like an ink stain, no matter how much you paint it over it has a tendency to show through.

It is likely that Patraeaus’s revelations will not be the last. Who edited the CIA assessments as well as who ordered it done is still unknown as well as other facts still waiting to see the light of day.

No matter what the coming days reveal Benghazi is a story of incompetence, betrayal and lies. It is a story that hits at the very heart of the presidency and undermines its credibility. The truth is Benghazi matters.

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