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From the depths of despair at Valley Forge to the bloody fields of Gettysburg and in lands far from her shores, America has been defended by brave souls. Men and women who were willing to sacrifice all that others might live free. Many times charging into certain death in the hope that posterity and their loved ones at home would continue to breath free.

Each Memorial day we remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Most do so by enjoying the freedom for which they so gallantly fought. Many also spend time remembering in thankful solace and setting flags on graves. This is probably no more true than for the fallen’s comrades in arms.

Veterans Day is a time to thank those who served and are still with us. Some fought on the front lines and lost friends and comrades. Many carry wounds of body and spirit. In the end all of them gave of themselves for the greater good. Today is their day, a day for all Americans to remember and honor their service.

All veterans have sacrificed years of their lives and their families with them for the cause of defending this great nation. Never wishing for war but instead hoping that through strength war would not come. Even so, they all have stood in the breech, ready at a moments notice to defend that which they loved. Thanking them for their service is the least a grateful country can do.

A Prayer for All Veterans

Today oh God, we thank you for the land we have inherited and those that have defended it. May your light shine upon them and this nation never forget their sacrifices nor those of their families. Heal their wounds and comfort them. May they have the peace that comes with knowing they did all they were called to do. In this world bound by the fruits of hate and division may these guardians of justice and freedom be forever embraced with the love and acceptance of a grateful nation. Above all we share with them today a prayer for peace and a sustaining of the freedoms for which they have sacrificed so much to protect.  Amen

Please go out and thank a Veteran today. For all you veterans for whom this is written, thank you and today may you and yours enjoy the liberty you sacrificed so much to protect.

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