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(This page was originally aimed at encouraging people to get out and vote.  After the disastrous election results a re-write was in order.)

Yes, Barrack Hussein Obama, the most complete failure of a President in modern times has been re-elected. Frank Luntz on Hannity today said his exit polls showed most voters wanted less government and fiscal sanity, something that seems strange for an election that saw the biggest spending and big government president in history get elected. The disconnect is the fact that the big unwashed middle do not vote on the basis of issues because for the most part they have not paid enough attention to understand them. The sad fact is the U.S. has reached a point in its history that the forefathers dreaded and warned of. That is the country is now beholding not to educated men and women that make informed choices but ignorant souls that vote based on feelings.

Obama won because he effectively rallied the far left, those that are reliant on government and the ignorant whom he successfully made fear Romney. The fact that the ignorant feared Romney, the one who most reflected their values, is a tribute to the success of what many are calling the most negative campaign in history. Romney for his part did not help his cause with these folks either, he seemed totally incapable of connecting with people on a personal level. An essential characteristic when dealing with those for whom feelings are everything.

Unfortunately the issues that made Romney’s election essential are still there. ObamaCare and its destruction of the American medical system is on its way to full implementation. If you think Medicaid is great insurance than you should be happy as that is what all American will have in the not too distant future (if they are lucky). The debt is still looming larger with an unknowable D-day coming ever closer. The economy is as lethargic as ever with little hope of breaking loose. Energy independence will have to remain a dream. The government take over of peoples lives looks to march on unabated.  The Middle East tinderbox is getting worse by the day and Iran getting a nuclear weapon all but inevitable. On the present course and for the first time since the Cuban missile crisis nuclear war is getting more and more likely. Than there is that promise to be more flexible with Russia, a statement that all will soon understand.

For all of this, the U.S. is still the last best hope of mankind. If she falls it is unlikely that the world will ever see another like her. For this reason the fight must go on. For Freedom, For Liberty, For Individual Rights, For Justice and the Rule of Law

The Conservative Mind

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