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Arrogance is one of those human traits that is almost universally held in disdain. This is never more true than when it is wholly unwarranted. People who ooze a sense of superiority over their fellow man and seem to think they always know what is better for other people than they know for themselves are usually best left alone with their egos.

The American left are inherently saturated with those that exhibit a condescending attitude towards their fellow man. Self-righteous and inherently right in their own minds they can’t comprehend those that see the world differently than them. The President is reportedly is a quintessential example of this kind of liberal mindset. An awkward combination of a naive amateur and an egotistical narcissist, his policies have been a stream of failures. Unfortunately he is a man whose confidence in his own direction and core beliefs are as unshakable as they are wrong.

There is of course many examples of Obama’s arrogance but ObamaCare has to be one of the prime examples. It was written in back rooms and passed above the objections of the little people it was meant to help. Now as medicaid patients lose their doctors, doctors leave the profession and healthcare rates skyrocket it seems the little people were right. Of course the administration has shown similar arrogance in its implementation of new EPA regulation, labor laws and even rules regarding school lunches, all with similar dismal results.

During the debates Obama’s arrogance was in full display. His petulant answers to Romney and the casualness with which he spoke his lies were as revealing as the words he spoke. Declaring we now have planes that can land on ships he showed all the class and sophistication of a peevish five year old. With a straight face he even claimed the unpopular sequestration act was a House Republican idea when he knows it came straight out of his White House. He of course also touted the often repeated claim that he created five million new jobs when in fact it is not clear the economy has netted even one during his presidency (of course when it comes to jobs he definitely “did not create that,” that is done by the business people he likes to malign)! None of this should be surprising, in this White House lies and misleading statements are just tools of the trade.

It is no wonder that many including Sarah Palin describe liberals like President Obama as lacking a moral compass. After all when lies flow like water and attacking peoples character is just part of the game what limits are there? Apparently not much. Does your ethnicity not offer you enough of an advantage? No problem, just claim to be a Native American like Elizabeth Warren. If being African will help sell more books just claim to be Kenyan like Obama did, you can always deny it later with the help of the MSM. Vote counts got you down? Just conspire to illegally steal votes like Jim Moran’s campaigns did or even buy votes with pot if you can. It seems for liberals the ends justify the means not matter what those means are.

A famous passage from the Bible says Pride goes before a fall. Where this has been true of most previous presidents this one so far has avoided the pitfalls of his egregious mistakes. The facts are Obama has had many moments that would of sunk previous presidents. Iran Contra could of sunk Reagan had he not took it head on but the Obama administration is getting a pass on Fast and Furious by the MSM. Where Bush one declared “no new taxes” Obama declared unemployment never above 8%, deficits cut in half and Guantanamo closed. G. W. Bush was much maligned for his fly over of Katrina’s devastation but little has been said about Obama flying off to Vegas while the bodies of brave Americans killed by terrorists were still warm. Whereas Nixon was taken down for covering up for his bungling staffers Obama has been caught red handed lying in a blatant coverup of his administrations negligence. Of all of these only Benghazigate still hangs over this president’s head and that despite the MSM’s best efforts to bury it.

The administration’s in your face lies and omissions in regards to Benghazi are so over the top that even ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN combined are having a hard time covering for him. President Obama initially said the Benghazi attack was just a response to a video and sent his U.N Ambassador to make that point over and over again as he traversed the country raising money for his campaign. The truth, as we now know, was both he and the State Department knew all along it was terrorist attack. As the MSM frantically tries to move the storyline away from Benghazi facts regarding the administrations failures on 9/11 2012 keep coming out. The world now knows:

  • That repeated request for increased security were denied.
  • The administration was getting information in real time from emails, phone calls from a nearby annex and unmanned surveillance drones during the attack.
  • That calls to allow those in a nearby annex to render assistance were denied
  • That the military had the means to intervene but declined to do so
  • That the administrations contentions that they did not have information that terrorists were responsible, that the did not know it was a terrorist attack for days after the attack, that they had no real time information, that security was not denied, that there was nothing they could of done, WERE ALL LIES!

For certain liberals by nature are patronizing and arrogant and willing to do almost anything to win but President Obama looks to have taken that too far. If the latest polls are correct, it appears that if the MSM is not going to hold him accountable the American people will.

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