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The President’s Speech of Lies

The Obama administration is still struggling with what the byline should be on the Benghazi tragedy.  First they said it was all due to a YouTube video and then dutifully went on apology tour for American values; after which he had the name of video’s author published (for terrorists the world over to see) as well as had him arrested for a parole violation. It appears the maker of the video made the mistake of thinking freedom of speech was still in the American constitution. Of course after that ran its course they admitted that yes it was actually a preplanned terrorists attack. Now it has become all about the blame game.

It seems someone must be to blame that America’s so called leader was the last one in the world to know the U.S. had suffered a terrorist attack on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. In the V.P. debate Biden bemoaned that neither he nor the President had any intelligence showing it was a terrorists attack until well after it happened. It seems poor President Obama was kept in the dark all the time he was blaming the video. Of course if he would of turned on the TV, called the State Department, talked to Diplomatic Security or even bothered to check with Libya officials maybe he might have gotten a clue. It is also unlikely the CIA had not informed, or at least tried to inform, the Commander and Chief of what had happened, no matter what Joe the Joke wants to claim.

Now the nation’s chief executive is shifting yet again, this time to blame Hilliary. Now it is true that she had her undersecretary on The Hill within twenty-four hours briefing congressmen on the “terrorist attack.” Apparently it is her fault he was too much in a hurry to get to Las Vegas for a fundraiser to bother getting a proper briefing himself. Of course the nation is suppose to believe even as Hilliary stood beside him during his infamous speech of lies that she had not whispered the truth in his ear. This is not to say she is totally guiltless, it was her folks that were in charge of approving and disapproving security for the poor souls caught in the crossfire that night but the President’s lack of interest in finding out what happened can be blamed on him and him alone.

At the center of this is a tragedy involving real people. The United States experienced its first successful terrorists attack since 9/11 last month. Those that were murdered in that attack were victims not only of an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists group but of a system that failed to address their security concerns. That the President of the United States denied their fate for so long and even today is making excuses only further soils their sacrifices.

It is quite plain that the President has shown anything but leadership in this fiasco but that should not be surprising. He left domestic policy to Harry Reid and Nancy Polosi for the first half of his administration while he bowed and groveled internationally. During the Arab Spring he led from behind or more appropriately waited to take his ques from the French and others before saying or doing anything. He remained silent as freedom protestors died in the streets of Tehran as well as during much of the radical take over much of the Islamic world. The fact is Obama’s leadership style throughout his administration can be best described as a vacuum.

The problem is as Commander and Chief there comes a time when passing the buck just does not cut it. When it’s time to man up and take responsibility for your choices (something Hilliary has done). For Obama that time has come and went and he does not even seem to realize it. The truth is he was too self-absorbed to understand sometimes making a fund raiser is not the most important thing in the world. Reagan, Bush, and Clinton would of stopped everything to find out what had happened. Anyone of them would of been on the phone the next day to give condolences and vowing to find out why it happened. There would of been a speech from the oval office where they looked the American people in the eye and said we were attacked. Of course this is what real leaders would of done, Obama is not nor has he ever been a real leader in the truest sense of the word.

The truth is Obama could of used this as an opportunity to be Presidential. To rally the country and show he was in charge. If he would of faced the attack head on he could of likely erased all Romney’s gains and assured his re-election. Instead he ran away from it and tried to bury it under a mountain of lies which in turn could bury him. One could call that poetic justice except for the fact there are four dead Americans and four families left asking why.

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