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This last summer was by all accounts a tense one in Libya.  The new government President Obama led from behind to put in power was finding itself increasingly under siege. It seems many of the same forces that had aided in the overthrow of Gaddafi had agendas of there own, most troublesome being the Al-Qaeda affiliated militias. This was something the boots on the ground, those at the American embassy and the Benghazi consulate, were well aware of but apparently Washington was tone death to.

The Embassy was regularly asking for an increase in security and just as regularly those in setting behind the desks in Washington were ignoring them. Their pleas reportedly cited thirteen instances that showed the security situation was deteriorating. Even the Libyan guards were being urged to quit by family members who knew an attack was coming. The response from Washington incredibly was not just to ignore the warnings and the pleas of those in increasing danger but to actually reduce security in the midst of the obviously a deteriorating situation. As 9/11 approached the Ambassador wrote he was increasingly fearful for his life, a fear that would prove all to well founded. Unfortunately for the souls assigned to this Middle East powder keg the fact that all was not well didn’t fit into the administration’s desired storyline.

On September 11th, a date that rings in the minds of all Americans, the desire to ignore all warnings hit a crescendo. On a date that calls for increased vigilance as much as it calls for moments of silence and remembrance it was business as usual at Benghazi. The Ambassador to Libya on that date was sent there to do unspecified business. Unsubstantiated reports have said he was invited there to meet with rebel leaders about the location of some missing weapons caches. Whatever the reason, the invite to come to a virtually undefendable location on that day should of been turned down immediately, that it was not can only be attributable to pressure from DC.

The results of all the ignored warnings and inexcusable lapses in judgement are now history. Four dead Americans: two Diplomatic Security personnel faced with insurmountable odds, a computer specialists whose dedication in securing his station cost him everything and an Ambassador whose dedication to his job came before his own fears and better judgement. All victims of those who put politics above common sense. An anonymous source in diplomatic security said it should of never happened; that their advice had been ignored. He refused to go into more detail but the anger in his voice made it more than apparent this was something him and his colleagues had taken very personal.

The fact is a special security team had been sent to Libya to assist in the situation and despite them reporting the security situation dictated that they were still needed and requests from the Ambassador they stay the State Department ordered them out. The leader of that security assessment effort, Lt. Col. Andy Wood, says he can’t explain why security was decreased in direct opposition to their recommendations. The fact is that the team most likely would of been in Benghazi with the Ambassador that day if they would of remained as they had been scheduled to go along with him on a previously canceled trip to the troubled consulate; it is likely the teams presence would of made all the difference that day. [Congress is subpoenaing Col. Woods as part of its investigation into the matter.]

Of course the response from the administration after the attack was almost as deplorable as its lack of concern before it. Pouring proverbial salt in the still fresh wound, the administration went into full cover up mode. The administration’s ambassador to the U.N. went on a media barnstorming tour tying to define the events as just an out of control reaction to an old YouTube video. The President himself was out hailing the heroic efforts of Libyans to save the Ambassador. Both were lies.

The initial reports to Washington of coordinated fire and use of RPGs were more then enough to let DC know that this was a preplanned attack.  In fact the State Department as much as said so the next day in a unclassified report to congress. The fact is that within 24 hours many reports were coming out of Libya that were confirming what most already knew, this was terrorism. The “heroic” efforts to save the Ambassador that the President so forcefully hailed were also political hogwash. The President knew or should of known that the Ambassador was dragged through the streets for an hour and propped up for pictures before his lifeless body was dropped off at the hospital. That Stevens was reportedly alive when he was found by the good Samaritans dragging him around and reportedly was dead of asphyxiation when he was dropped off is even more telling. Then there is the still uncontested claim he was sodomized before being killed. (there is credible evidence that many consulate employees were helped to safety by other Libyans but that the Ambassador was one of them stretches credibility beyond the breaking point)

The reasons for the careless attitude towards security in Libya are known only to those at the top of the State Department and Obama administration. Whether it was bean counting gone awry, competing priorities or that the need for security against a resurgent Al-Qaeda did not fit the storyline in an election season the results were disastrous. Whatever the reason for the lowering of security when it should of been being raised, it is the sloppy attempt to cover it up that is even more telling. It reveals coordination between the Dept. of State and the executive office to mislead the American public. The President for his part could of claimed ignorance of what had happened and called for an investigation, he did not. Given he had been skipping his security briefings for weeks before the event, ignorance would of been a plausible defense. The Secretary could of also went on TV and said heads will roll and changes made. Instead Secretary Clinton said the Department would be looking into the matter and judging itself; diplomatic speak for this is none of your business so leave it alone.

The Benghazi terrorist attack should never of happened; the warnings were there but like in the first 9/11 were ignored.  Of course the first time the U.S. was off guard and complacent. There is no excuse for such a mindset in the post 9/11 world. Obama and the media have been doing their best to sweep this first successful Al-Qaeda civilian attack since 9/11 under the rug. The American people deserve answers but have been treated to nothing but lies, excuses, and stall tactics. What has been made perfectly clear is how incompetent this administration can be even at covering up their own incompetence.

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