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From watching the Main Stream Media these days one would presume the economy is on the verge of booming, the world will soon be swamped because of melting ice caps and Romney might as well concede because the Obama has it all wrapped up. Conversely it would be self-evident to the consumer of MSM tripe that the Middle East meltdown, that is all too obvious to hide, is just an over the top reaction to an outlandish video. Obama it would seem is just a cool cat that has it all under control.

Fortunately the MSM is not in control anymore and the “truth is out there” as a once popular TV show was fond of saying. CBS, ABC, NBC, the NYT (one can include CNN and MSNBC in this list also) do not have the monopoly on what people learn like they once did. On the other side of the coin there still are large numbers of people who still depend on these dinosaurs of the news business to learn about the world.

For those who live under the MSM rock it might be quite a shock to learn Obama did not save over a million auto industry jobs but he did do a damn good job of saving the UAW and shafting tens of thousands non-union workers and secured creditors. It also might stun them to find out the Muslim world actually hates the U.S. more now than when George Bush was President. In fact under Obama the U.S. has lost the trust of our allies, the respect of our enemies and faith with most of the world. It is quite likely that those under the MSM spell might be quite shaken if they were forced to face all at once all the ways the MSM has manipulated and even lied to them.

The economy is and has been front and center in the presidential race as well as at the center of much of the subterfuge in the media. After the last jobs report showed more people were dropping out of the workforce then getting jobs the media has went to work painting a rosier economic picture. According to them the messiah’s policies are about to make job creation explode, is responsible for the successes in the energy sector (despite his blocking of oil leases) both of which are leading to more young adults moving out on their own. From listening to what has become the various unofficial arms of the Obama campaign one would not know that the percentage of the population with an actual job is at a thirty year low; one would also not guess that median income is now at a twenty-seven year low. In fact, those that do not tread far beyond the MSM’s propaganda probably are unaware that the future jobs picture is bleak and a return to a technical recession a real possibility (technical because although GDP is growing the GDP per person is still dropping when real numbers are used which means the U.S. is still effectively in a recession*).

Of course economic news is not the only area the MSM is falling flat, the media has been playing polling lollapalooza lately too. When Gallup announced that Obama was up several points in a poll the media jumped all over it. The race is effectively over was the common refrain, Romney’s campaign it seems was an exercise in futility. The fact that the poll was an outlier was ignored, when later the same pollster showed the race a tie (and other polls show Romney leading) the story changed to Obama leading in key states and Americans feel little connection with Romney. No mention of a drop in Jewish support, the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans or even the fact Obama’s approval disapproval rating is a -10. It seems the fact that neither candidate has it wrapped up and if anything the race leaning Romney’s way does not fit their agenda so must be ignored.

Of course the latest Media’s latest sin of omission is the foreign policy debacle happening across the world and the flip flop regarding the attack on the Libyan consulate. One could imagine the outrage if GW had announced forcefully in no uncertain terms an attack was NOT a planned terrorist act and than later admitted it was. That is exactly what the Obama folks did this week, first unwilling to admit they were caught flat footed in what can only be described as a total intelligence failure and than being forced to admit what was obvious from the beginning. Amateurish does not come close to describing the administrations handling of the situation. The fact is amateurish, incompetent and naive are appropriate descriptors for the Presidents overall foreign policy. One that has seen our enemies emboldened, our friends disillusioned and challenges from Iran, South Korea and even Russia go unanswered.

If it seems the MSM is going into overdrive to protect and lift up this President it is because they are. On the other hand can one blame them, as ardent supporters of left wing politics, how else are they to get a president that is such an abysmal failure re-elected. The fact is he promised to lower the deficits, improve the economy, work with republicans as well as make America loved abroad and failed miserably on all counts. Misdirecting the public attention away from the facts is their only hope and something they are putting posible effort into accomplishing. Baffling and bewildering the gullible with an unending pounding of half-truths, hand picked statistics and misleading editorials is their strategy, a strategy that has been at least somewhat successful. This is evident by the fact that this is a race at all. If it weren’t for the media’s work on behalf of the President he would and should be so far down in the polls that pre-election forfeiture would seem a legitimate option. The fact this is race is still anybody’s call is testament to the fact that the MSM may be down but it is far from out.

* A fact that is backed up by America’s falling median incomes, increasing poverty and falling labor participation.

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