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The president was nervous this morning as he waited for the Supreme Court decision. His advisors had told him the constitutionality of his signature piece of legislation was assured. This was to be his hallmark contribution, something future generations would look back on with gratitude.  Now as he waited for the decision that many felt now was a foregone conclusion he marveled how things had gotten so turned upside down. He had known the Republicans would oppose him but now even members of his own party were wondering aloud if this had not been an overreach. What he had not even considered was the Supreme Court ruling against him but now two years since it had passed and with re-election time coming that was exactly what he was looking at.

The year was 1935 and the President was FDR.  Roosevelt’s signature piece of legislation, the NRA, was about to be struck down unanimously by the Court.  The plaintiff, a small chicken wholesaler, did not see how the government could tell him or his customers which chickens could be sold. The Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States decision would rock President Roosevelt agenda to the core. It was a decision he did not take lightly.  Feeling he could not let the Court stand in the way of progress he would hatch a plan to pack the Court with Roosevelt yes men.  His scheme never came to be and the decision he railed against stood.

Today the Obama administration’s signature piece of legislation faced a similar fate as the NRA and for very similar reasons. The President’s health care plan, like the NRA, is an overreach into the lives of citizens and businesses alike. But unlike in the NRA decision, the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare decision is one that sided with government control over freedom; with the advancement of the state and against liberty. Today is the day the Supreme Court declared five to four that freedom to control your own life is not a right.

ObamaCare is an intrusion into even the most intimate parts of people’s lives. It makes not buying what the government tells you a crime, according to the Court all they have to do is call the fine for not doing it a tax (or let the Court do it for them). Under ObamaCare, since a person’s health makes a direct impact not only on himself but on the amount of government expenditures as well, personal decisions become a government concern.  Consequently the government has a vested interest in how people live there lives. In essence ObamaCare lays the foundation for the government to control all aspects of a person’s life that affects his/her health, which is basically everything.  In so doing it signals the beginning of the end of limited government in the land of the free. From Independent Payment Advisory Boards meant to declare who gets life saving treatment and who is sent home with aspirin to its attack on Medicare, ObamaCare is a abomination. It sets the foundation by which every aspect of life can be controlled.  A collaboration of government and private industry it is like an agreement between a wolf and the guard dog on how to divvy up the sheep.

Now some 78 years after the Supreme Court gave Franklin Roosevelt a reality check the Court has shown how much it has fallen.  The decision may not have been unanimous but the effect is the same as if it would have been. The question now is how will the people react? Will they accept this threat to their freedom and to the financial stability of the nation or fight back at the ballot box? The answer is hopefully the second.

Today the American people have been told by the Supreme Court freedom is no longer a guarantee and that they can no longer rely on them to safe guard the constitution.  The people now know that even under a system of checks and balances freedom can be lost.  Today is a day for them to bow their heads and pray, tomorrow is a day to join the fight against the tyranny of a runaway state.

The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country”  Democratic Representative Pete Stark

The Conservative Mind

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