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Recently there has been some remarkable comments made from some unlikely sources.  Raving supporter of left wing causes John Cusack accused President Obama of continuing the Bush legacy, IE: being an imperial president. Now there is probably no greater insult a liberal can hurl at someone than to say they are like Bush. For a Hollywood liberal to say this about the anointed one himself, President Barack Obama, must mean things have gotten pretty bad. This alone may be taken as an aberration but he is not alone in this assessment. None other than the Old Gray Lady of progressive liberalism the New Your Times recently published an article saying the same thing. Once more they put forth that ruling by decree and subterfuge as an intentional strategy implemented for going around congress. They do seem to think it is a rather recent phenomenon, which it is not, but the fact they acknowledge it at all is amazing.  The fact is Obama has now come into his own and it is now hard to ignore his imperialistic tendencies.

It was obvious that by the time Obama started his third year in power he was in full imperial stride. No longer the awkward, hesitant and inexperienced man that was thrown into the spotlight four years earlier he was now ready to fully take advantage of his position and its power. One of the first acts of his Presidency in 2011 was to order a bombing campaign in Libya. Unfortunately he did not bother to tell congress of his plans. Maybe he was because he thought the new lot of Republicans in congress would not approve or maybe he just wanted to show them who was in charge. Either way it was clearly outside the bounds of his legal authority. His justification for his actions was it was not really a war or hostile military action, it was a kinetic military action.  A term him and his team made up for the occasion. He just figured as long as he did not call it war he was free and clear to do whatever he wanted. Sorta of like calling a pig a cow and expecting people to milk it. He also figured no one would take him to task for an obvious illegal act, he was right. Never matter that this was truly unprecedented and a clear violation of the War Powers Act. Even Bush went before congress to make his case, in fact he even went before the UN. Obama did neither. His attitude was I am the commander and chief and I can make war with whoever I please!  He was determined to do what he wanted regardless of what the War Powers Act or congress had to say. What makes it worse is probably could of gotten congressional approval. This was a clear statement Obama had arrived, he was no longer the bowing, apologizing amateur he showed the world his first year, he was now a man to be reckoned with, a true imperial president.

Of course his imperialism was not relegated to acts on foreign soil. While Obama was making war abroad he was using his hand picked agency heads and czars to wage another kind of war at home.

The fact is all the agency’s at the President’s disposal are inherently problematic. In theory they make regulations based on laws but in action they make laws based on often vague legislation or even executive orders. What worse they often change laws at the drop of a hat, institute often contradictory and impossible rules  and prosecute offenders in a hodgepodge arbitrary fashion. These anathemas to the rule of law have never been more out of control then they are now thanks to a president who sees them as personal tools for implementing his agenda. Of all the agencies it is the EPA that has been the most abused and the most abusive.

President Obama instructed the EPA to start enforcing ever more restrictive standards on the American public, by the end of Jan. 2011 the EPA had 34 new regulations in the pipeline, more then any other agency. Each of them giving the EPA more power to influence the lives of everyday Americans. Obama is now on the precipice of using the EPA to shut down coal plants and some coal utilizing factories in the middle of an already hurting economy. An action that will raise electrical rates, put about 800,000 people out of work and do virtually nothing for the environment.  He also used the EPA to justify closing down the keystone pipeline, a project that would of provided both jobs and energy to a country in need of both.  Part of this hypocrisy that was never pointed out is pipelines provide the safest most environmental sound method for transporting crude and fuel.  By closing down the pipeline he actually increased the potential for spills and environmental hazards by putting more trucks on the road. In fact just the fear of what the EPA might do is stifling investment in new energy technologies especially oil shale and tar sands that could explode oil production in the U.S.

Of course these are the headline news actions. There is a lot more that is not getting into the papers or being featured on the major networks. Like new ozone rules that war estimated to cost the U.S. 7.2 million jobs and a drop in GDP of 5.4%.  New emissions rules under the Utility MACT rules for coal plants will cost an estimated 1.5 million jobs and billions of dollars by 2020, mostly taken out of the pockets of consumers. This of course does not take in to account countless new mandates and reporting regulations that will cost businesses and consumers billions. It also does not count the thousands of abuses against land owners that have become routine at the agency since long before Obama. It has gotten so bad that even a Democrat Senator is calling the agency out of control but the fact is it is very much under control, under the control of President Obama.

Another favorite agency of the administration is the NRLB.  The NRLB was created by FDR by what was known as the Wagner Act. It should of been called the National Unionization Act since unions went from about 3 million members before the act in 1935 to over 7.2 million just 5 years later.  The trend has reversed itself the last couple of decades, mostly due to unionized companies going out of business. The Obama administration decided it was time to bolster unions again and the NRLB was the tool to do it.  Under Obama his handpicked and recess appointed NLRB board members started: Issuing new requirements for employers to post material promoting unionization, is attempting to force employers to give to unions their employee addresses-phone numbers-and email addresses, forced a employer that fired an employee for cussing out his boss to reinstate him and most importantly started attacking companies wishing to build factories in right to work states.

The famous case of Boeing was a long running tragic comedy. Boeing built a whole new factory in North Carolina, a right to work state, and then was told it could not hire anyone to operate it.  Why, cause it also had union factories and it just wasn’t fair not to increase its union operated factories instead. In classic Obama fashion this was the government telling business how to run a business. Although this case would finally get to an agreement that allowed the factory to open it was a travesty that it happened at all.

Of course the Obama controlled NRLB has and is doing much more. When congress blocked new card check rules the NRLB went to work to go around them. [card check for those that don’t know was a rule that allowed union representatives to check ballots and ask the voter “is this how you really want to vote?”  It was nothing more then a thinly disguised effort to allow rampant union intimidation by eliminating the secret ballot] They have mandated new poster be hung in work places encouraging the employees to unionize, allow unions to create micro unions within a company and are now trying to prevent employers from having meetings with employees getting ready to vote on unionization.  One recent case shows how far the NRLB will go to try to impose unionization even if the majority of employees oppose it.

Obama has not restricted all the fun to the EPA and the NLRB. You now have the Department of Labor trying to outlaw teenagers working on farms, the Department of the interior blocking oil and gas development as Obama says he is expanding it and  Department of Immigration’s curtailing deportations. Let us not forget the TSA and its ever expanding universe of influence. This is by no means an exhaustive list but merely the highlights, after all this is an online article not a book.

The fact is from Obama’s first days in office when he fired the OIG inspector and highjacked the census bureau to today he has followed a course of unparalleled expansion and abuse of presidential power. As he rides around in 40 vehicle motorcades and uses Air Force one for thinly disguised campaigning trips he probably feels respect and deference to his wants and desires is due him as the most powerful man in the world.

Obama stands today as a man out of touch with the real world. With 39 czars (some say even more, as they are not confirmed by congress nor cleared by the FBI they sail under the radar for the most part. Their salaries come from the taxpayer but they are accountable only to him and have the same immunity from subpoenas as regular advisers to the president) he is able to make deals, coordinate actions with entities private and public as well as coordinate regulations without directly sullying his hands. As the first black president he has also been able to get people to defer to him beyond what any previous modern president has, with the possible exception of FDR. He seems to be a man that detests limits and will do all he can to push them or go around them and has. Today if you are anyplace the president declares a no free speech zone and say or do the wrong thing you will be arrested, free speech has its limits according to Obama. He has issued an executive order giving him the power to totally take over the economy in an emergency including food, medicine, services and of course energy.  This order does not specify what would be necessary for such emergency powers to be activated, only defines the powers he is able to assume is such an emergency is declared. His administration sought 1749 secret warrants last year and now wants greater access to ordinary peoples cell phone records.

Obama is man who detests limits, especially ones found in a constitution for which he has no respect. This means that he will continue to issue absurd executive orders, his agencies will continue to spiral out of control and new ones will spring up all in an attempt to quench his thirst for ever more power. This trend will only be checked if the American people decide to choose a new direction come November.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely   Lord Acton

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