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As much as one should be used to hypocrisy in the liberal media it still can be amazing.  There seems no limit to depth or breadth of the hypocrisy and even depravity of the liberal media mind. The last couple of weeks have been case in points. First there was the events surrounding Rush Limbaugh and now the there is the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon (the two stories get connected by the absurd claim by some that conservatives like Rush Limbaugh was somehow responsible for Trayvon’s death)

Rush is and always will be a lightning rod for liberals. His use of hyperbole and as he puts it using the absurd to highlight the absurd to lampoon the media and liberals is a trademark of his style, a style that has propelled him to the pinnacle of the radio talk show world. In fact in many ways he is responsible for the present talk show format seen in conservative and liberal talk shows alike. Undoubtedly he has gone a little over the top at times but never to the extent found on liberal radio talk shows like Ed Schultz or Randi Rhodes not to mention liberal TV personalities. That is what makes this latest anti-Rush tirade by the liberal media even more outlandish.

When Rush made crude comments about a publicity craving college co-ed named Sandra Fluke the media went crazy. Fluke made herself a target by making the crazy assertion that she deserved to have her sex life paid for by others. Her statements were a ready made joke waiting for someone to add a punch line.  Rush delivered.  Asking what would you call someone who seeks others to pay for her having sex he came up with words like slut and prostitute. Was it nice, no, but at least it was in context with what the woman was saying. Clearly there is a difference between having others pay for you to have sex and being paid to have sex, but the object was to point out the absurdity of her stand. Unfortunately he went to far in his attempt to highlight the absurdity of her stand by using inflammatory language. Rush for his part later apologized for going over too far but that did not put the furor to rest. In fact it seemed only incite more attacks on him; his apology in the end was like putting blood in the water around sharks.

Now what made this Rush feeding frenzy so ridiculous is the fact that liberal talk show host have been making as bad and worse comments about conservative women for years without a peep. Connie Rice, Barbara Bachmann, Laura Ingram, Sarah Palin and Palin’s kids as well as others have been insulted and called names without a peep from the liberal media. Now suddenly these hypocrites feel indignant that a woman is called such name and asked for Rush Limbaugh’s head. Where were they when the aforementioned women were openly attacked by sexist comments and in Condi’s case racist ones also? These women been regularly attacked and in Sarah’s case her children were also considered fair game (and more recently Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and her kids).

There is also one other big difference, the insults levied against Fluke were made in the context of what she was saying, the attacks done on conservative women have been made out of just meanness and sad attempts to be funny.

So why wasn’t there media outcries when Laura Ingram was called a slut or when it was suggested Sarah Palin needs to be gang raped? No illegal robocalls, newspaper articles or demands for censorship. Nothing, nada, hardly a peep. Rush was of course singled out because he is a conservative (after all this is something conservatives are not suppose to do). There was even a video against Rush calling for his murder. Contrast that to insults against conservative women that usually illicit little more then snickers.

Fortunately the new media is now powerful enough to put the old in the hot seat.  As the old media put pressure on Rush the new put the spot light on liberals who offend conservative women as a matter of course.  The biggest offender is of course is Bill Maher who as the heat turned up on Rush saw it being turned up on him.

In the end the media found instead of destroying Rush it was hyping him.  His ratings soared, his already huge audience exploded.  What about all the fleeing advertisers?  Most that claimed they were not going to advertise on his show did not do so in the first place. Some of those that fled came back and those that didn’t just left room for others in line to do so. The main stream and left wing media decided to make a strategic and move on to another story, an unfortunately story of a young life cut short. One they knew they could exploit more to their benefit than the now played out Rush and Sandra saga.

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