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In every period and at all points in history there have been stone throwers.  Agitators of the status-quo who will not accept how things are is how they have to be.  The Pharisees had Jesus, the Catholic church had Martin Luther, the Soviets had Solzhenitsyn and the modern liberal establishment had Andrew Breitbart.

It was not all that long ago that what the press said was gospel, whatever people read was assumed to be true.  Walter Cronkite was called the most trusted man in America and when he spoke people saw no need to do a fact check.  That all started to change in the 1980s when people with a mic started to question the status-quo.  Rush Limbaugh started the stone throwing and with the advent of the internet all gloves were off.  In the digital age there was perhaps no greater stone thrower then Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart challenged the liberal establishment at its every turn.  The archetypical personage of a secular conservative he was a constant thorn in the side of liberal media and politicians alike.  Vilified as a liar but, as he regularly pointed out, never caught in a lie.  He challenged hypocrisy and those ideas and policies that he saw as undermining the country.  He took down politicians, pointed out the media lies, and generally was willing to take on anyone anytime.

At his death he was about to reveal his latest salvo against the forces attempting to tear the country apart.  On March 1st he was set to release a documentary video about the life of President Obama.  It reportedly reveals the President’s radicalism and included actual video footage of a young Barack Obama as a Marxist activist.  In was a twist of fate on the eve of its release he collapsed and died.  This has set off a slew of new conspiracy theories but the truth is Andrew had two great loves, his family and his country.  He put all his energy into these which left little for anything else including himself.  He has been reported to of had health problems for sometime but his love of family and country would not let him rest.  The video reportedly will still be released and as Andrew stated, “this president will be vetted.”

Andrew Breitbart, fearless and confrontational, maybe gone but his legacy will continue.  Let the left rage and their pundits disparage his memory, the fact remains he has left a legacy that will far outlast his time on earth.  A fighter for freedom and defender of what he saw as right his epitaph is written in the hearts and minds of those who heard him.  God welcome you Andrew Breitbart and peace be with your family.

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