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The recent Keystone Pipe Line decision is the latest in a long line of moves by the left that run counter to interest of the American people.  Based on scientific nonsense the left has successfully blocked what by all accounts would of been an economic boost to much of the Midwest as well as increased our energy security.  This latest move is just the most recent in what has become standard operating procedure for Democrats and their environmental lobby handlers.  Their opposition to drilling, natural gas extraction, new technology for making petroleum from oil shell and tar sands as well as their full frontal attack on the coal industry has undermined the U.S. economy and energy security.

Their argument against these projects is always based on trying to avoid some environmental doomsday.  The problem is for all their scare tactics and salacious rhetoric, their is always little or no scientific basis for their claims.  What is abundantly clear to anyone who follows environmentalist groups is that there agenda is not based on science but philosophy.  The modern environmentalist movement is as much a religion as it is anything else.  It has its god, nature/mother earth, as well as its creeds and tenants.  They see man not so much as a caretaker of earth but as just another animal, no more important than a rat or a monkey.  To them man must either become one with nature or get out its way.  (the recent movie Avatar was a prime example of this philosophy)  Tearing down the parts of modern society they see as immoral according to their religion is imperative; Science, economics, poverty and the general human condition is immaterial to them.  If such things can be used to advance their agenda or cloak their intentions all the better but stop them they will not.

Keystone is a prime example.  The economic need is self-evident, the fact that it would add to the country’s energy security undeniable and the cost to taxpayers zero.  The biggest argument was it was too dangerous to build a pipeline across the Ogallala Aquifer, the main water supply for much of the Midwest.  This argument ignored the fact that there are thousands of miles of oil and petroleum pipeline already transversing the aquifer.  Many of these are old and built to much lower standards then the Keystone would of have been.  If the environmentalist were really concerned about the Ogallala Aquifer they would be yelling about updating the miles of existing pipeline.  Instead of concentrating their efforts where, in some cases, real problems exist they decided to concentrate on the safe and ultra modern Keystone pipeline.  The reasons for this are simple enough; they are against oil in all forms and for all uses.  It does not matter how bad Americans need jobs, the American people be dammed, their agenda is all they care about.

This is not the first time environmentalist and their Democrat allies have sucker punched the American people with their form of religious extremism.  Coal, because of the environmental  lobby, is under fire from the Obama administration; this despite the campaign promises he made to the contrary.  Even technology that promises to make the U.S. a net energy exporter by drastically increasing the amount of Natural Gas we produce is under threat.  And who can forget ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge), a proposal to take very small part of the barren area and set up oil drilling has been blocked for years.  This despite the fact that similar drilling has been done throughout Alaska with no detrimental effect to wildlife. This pattern of undermining the American economy and total disregard of the American people has gone on for years.  It is costing the American economy millions of jobs just when we need them most.

Their power and influence in the world has grown dramatically over the past decades to the point now what they say is taken as gospel in many parts of the world.  Worldwide their actions have spread misery and cost countless lives.  Examples of their lunacy can be found everywhere:

  • Their rejection of genetically modified (GM) food has reduced food supplies in some of the most needy places, there has even been cases where the choice has been to let people starve rather then feed them GM food.  This despite the fact that man has been modifying the quality of crops for thousands of years and there has never been any evidence the GM food is bad for anybody.
  • Encouraging indigenous peoples to continue living their traditional unproductive lifestyles even if it means they will live short miserable lives.
  • Diverting billions of dollars into renewable energy in the middle of an economic crisis even though research has shown it cost far more jobs then it creates.
  • Pushing public transport systems that are not even close to being economically feasible.

It seems these people will not be happy until all the world is either living in huts or stuffed into high-rises away from nature.  The truth is we do need some environmental regulation.  The temptation to take internal cost like waste disposal and transfer them to society in the form of pollution is high and proper regulations help keep this temptation in check.   It is also true that renewable energy sources have a place.   The problem is today’s religion of environmentalism goes far beyond just keeping our air and water clean or encouraging the practical use of renewable energy sources.  They are in many cases anti-human.

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