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There is always seems to be those who when times get tough want to dig out of the proverbial ditch on the backs of the retired. Whether it is because those in charge feel these are people that have had their day or it is because they are easy targets it is a rotten trend. In socialist leaning Europe the present crisis is forcing many countries to make hard choices. Unfortunately the way chosen is too cut benefits to the retired. In the U.S. the Democrats and the Obama administration took a similar view of senior benefits when it comes to Medicare.

Whether you agree with the benefits given to a group of retires or not the fact remains they were promised and planned on a certain amount of post employment compensation for there services. A contract written in years of sweat, stress, and work in the hope that they could live out their final years without worry. They are not cells of a societal body to be swept away when they become less needed but individuals to whom much is owed. It is on their shoulders we stand and without whom we would no be where we are today!

It is in this context the present Medicare and Social Security fights must be fought.   The fact is these systems must be changed if they are to be there in the future. It must also be taken as a given that those who are retired and those about to retire should be given all they were promised. Many plans to salvage the systems have been proposed, almost entirely by Republicans, none of which violates the promises to the present and soon to be retired. This has been done in the face of unrelenting demagoguery from Democrats including a recent tough grandma off the cliff ad. The ad implied that present retires plans would be dropped, the fact that the plan referred to did not effect present retires or the soon to be retired was never mentioned.  (it also seems to say that a systems that forces future retires into a system ran by layers government bureaucrats is better then private systems of private companies that retires can fire if they do not perform, an idea that is silly on its face)

The fact is the system is being hijacked, benefits are being cut, and the system is being robbed. Not by Republican reformers but by the “pass it to see whats in it” health care legislation better know as Obamacare. In a true throw retires off the cliff moment the reform diverts $530 BILLION from the already troubled Medicare program to new programs started by Obamacare. This move is likely to force Medicare into insolvency by the end of the next presidential term. To save it will take drastic actions and likely involve actions that will harm all Americans. Other actions like cutting the already anemic Medicare payments to doctors, also part of this bill, will make finding a doctor able to take Medicare patients hard to find and the care received is likely to reflect the payments received.

Much has been made of the so called death panels. It is true that end of life counseling and procedural review panels can in effect act as death panels but what has been glossed over is the extent the Democrats have stabbed present seniors in the back. Two of congresses few Doctors have highlighted some attacks on America’s retires in a recent publication. They also talked a little about the problems the new health care reform bill is piling on seniors in an interview with Greta Van Susteren. The report points out are not the only attacks this bill makes on seniors and all Americans but it does point out some of the most egregious.

The problems with our senior citizen safety nets are extensive and pressing hard on America’s future. These are programs that were designed to fail at some point but have become integral parts of our society. To rectify the programs’ promises with the pitfalls will take willingness to take on the issues openly and honestly.  The Democrats have not only been unwilling to discuss any true reforms but have actively petitioned against any attempt at reform. What is worse is they have put these systems in even more peril by passing legislation like Obamacare. The fact that the main stream media have ignored the extent of the problems is also telling.  Probably the worst of all is the fact that AARP supported this outrage for what in the seems is a chance to benefit at the expense of the seniors they pretend to represent. Now they even are putting out commercials saying keep your hands off my Medicare when they supported a program that raids its funding and undermines its stability.

Obamacare is unpopular as ever but the to find out how bad it is for America and its seniors you have to reach beyond ABC and CNN and go to think tanks like Cato and Heritage. Today the systems our seniors depend on are in eminent danger, especially Medicare, and it seems the Democratic Party are the ones wheeling grandma and grandpa off a cliff.

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